Why do your ears sometimes get really red?


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Your ears sometimes get really red because you might feel nervous or embarrass or u blush these thing can make ur face feel like it's burning up and make ur ears red

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Your ears may sometimes feel hot or turn red due to blood rushing to the area. This is sometimes caused by emotions, fears, embarassing moments, so forth.

the very top of your ears get really red and hot..

Penguins ears are not red. There.

You are either really angry or it is an allergic reaction

This may happen when your pet is too warm or excited.

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Red eyed tree frogs do have ears

the folowing statement is false "once you always start going to the pools everyday. If you always keep your ears under water and swimming in the water , bumping your ears or something sometimes you might get ear wax. yes sometimes when your in your mummy's tummy sometimes when your mum eats a tablet sometimes it might hurt a baby like you in the stomach it comes down your mummy's throat and plop!! onto your head and then you get red ears and very sore....."

possibly an allergy. food allergies often cause red ears

Its ears turn red when it becomes agitated.

the uranium turtle has red ears, a blublack spotse shell and

sometimes you can tell if the ears are really hot, but the only sure way is a thermometer up the anus.

if you clean your ears sometimes it gets stuck, it happend to me and its really annying i tried using a twirrers.

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really?well,cats are ussualy smaller and lighter,ussually dogs are big and heavy,cats ALWAYS have pointed ears,sometimes dogs have foppy ears.

They always run around and get their ears cold.

This is caused by a reaction of the immune system the reason for it acting this way is not known.

It is due to the blood flowing to the ears to warm them.

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no not all of it sometimes it is yellow red or green that is if you are really sick or something

It's "Donkey's Ears". The ears of a donkey look really long, indeed.

No, not really. Tiger's ears are quite conformal to the skull.

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