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Because you still care for her. It will take some time to heal.

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Why is this guy keeping his distance from you after you told him you had feelings for him?

Sadly, it does look as though he does not have feelings for you. Sadly, it does look as though he does not have feelings for you.

Is superior pool service one of the best pool resurfacing companies in Dallas?

Yes Superior Pool Service is one of the best resurfacing companies in the Dallas area. Reviews say they are a bit expensive though so you may want to get a few offers.

What should I do if my feelings are not returned?

You are in charge of your feelings. Though your feelings may be affected by so many things. You have the responsibility to keep your feelings in check.

How many months is 193days?

it depends on which months you're talking about.roughly, though, it's 6 months.

How do you get a guy to change his feelings about you so he can like you?

You yourself cannot change anyone's feelings about you. You can, though, put your best foot forward and hope that over time they change their own feelings about you.

How do you break your Mom up with a guy?

Talk to her and tell her your feelings. Nothing is guaranteed though.

Is Starry Night a landscape painting?

It is, even though Vincent's feelings are the important part of it.

What was Rosa Parks feelings in jail?

even though she was in jail she said it was still worth it

Does yuki love aido?

no but Aido is attracted to her (though he is not self aware of his feelings for yuuki)

Are you willing to sacrifice your feelings to your friend just you want him to be happy even though you are hurt?

If you really like your friend then you will sacrifice your feelings for his feelings. This is one of the most selfless things you can do when you really like this person. If you really love him you will do it

How do you tell a guy you've hooked up with twice while intoxicated that you have feelings for him?

If you think about him while your sober, and like him. - i already KNOW i have feelings for gim, how do i tell him that though?

What are hamlets feelings toward his mother?

His feelings are complicated. Even though he loves her, he resents that she married so quickly following his father's death, and suspects that she may have had a hand in it.

How many months in 360 days?

In the casual sense, people think of months as having 30 days, though more have 31 days. So in the casual sense, that would be 12 months, though technically, that is 5 days short of a year.

3 Ways You Can Resurface a Bathtub ?

Use a LinerAn easy way for you to resurface your bathtub is for you to purchase a liner for your bathtub. Using liners is an easy process. They are normally just glued into the bathtub. In addition, bathtub liners can last for an extremely long time. The normal lifetime length for bathtub liners is around twenty years. Unfortunately, since they are made from acrylic, they can crack over time. Each liner that you use for your bathtub is designed to match your bathtub's specifications. It normally costs around thirteen hundred dollars for bathtub liners.Use a Bathtub Resurfacing KitYou can purchase a bathtub resurfacing kit that can give you all the supplies that you need in order to resurface your bathtub. Although each bathtub resurfacing kit that you use will be different, all bathtub resurfacing kits feature similar steps and directions. Resurfacing your bathtub with a bathtub resurfacing kit normally involves preparing your bathtub and spraying an acrylic coating on the bathtub surface. In addition, bathtub resurfacing with a kit normally involves the use of primers, cleaners, and fillers. It is extremely important for you to read the instructions of a bathtub resurfacing kit before you try to do this on your own. You can normally purchase a bathtub resurfacing kit for around seventy dollars or more.Hire a ProfessionalEven though there are many cheap ways for you to resurface your bathtub on your own, there may be times when you cannot do it on your own. If this is the case for you, it is possible for you to hire a professional to resurface your bathtub for you. Although hiring a professional is the best way for you to make sure that it is done properly, there is no doubt that hiring a company can get expensive. In fact, it may cost around five hundred dollars for you to hire a professional to resurface your bathtub. It normally takes between one and two days for a professional to finish the bathtub resurfacing process. Hiring a professional could be useful because you may not get the result that you want by doing it on your own.

How long do you have to leave a navel piercing in for after you get it pierced?

6 months to a year. 6 months is really early though so I would say 9 to 12 months.

Can anorexia be treated?

yes it can. though it may take months to cure

Is it possible for an exboyfriend to still have feelings for you even though he broke up with you?

There is always a possibility. Feelings don't just go right away as soon as you part ways. However, the feelings towards you also depend on the reason why you split in the first place.

Did yuki don't have feelings for tohru?

In both the Anime and Manga Yuki is shown to have feelings for Tohru. In the Anime he doesn't outwardly tell her or act on it, though it is quite obvious, especially in the episode where he is enthusiastic about gong on a "date" with her, much to Tohru's embarrassment. Whether Yuki's feelings for Tohru is brotherly or romantic is pretty much left open for speculation in the Anime. But in the manga, he does have strong feelings toward her, though he realizes his feelings of love were because he sees Tohru as a motherly figure.So to put it simply, Yuki did have feelings for Tohru. He was in love with her for a while until he realized he loved her dearly as a "Mother".

When will be the time for ur exgirlfriend to be thinking about u and can ur ex girlfriend really hate u after the break up or will she still like u in her even though she says no?

I cannot answer this question. I am not sure how you broke up with your ex and your ex could be thinking of you at anytime.

Would a boy go out with a girl ever though he didnt have feelings for her anyway?

all they want is sex or a girlfriend so if they dont have feelings 4 u tell them to f off

How many months are in a season?

There are three months per season, though seasons do not start and end at the beginning and end of a given month.

How long do you have to wait to get your green card?

Usually from 6 months to a year. You can get a temporary work visa within a couple of months though.

What is expireation date of nail polish?

it depends on the nail polish but most are 24 months some are 12 or 36 months though.

Why do people tag?

people like to show off there skills and have fun; or express feelings though art

Are Coop and Kaleigh boyfriend and girlfriend in Overruled?

No they are not though it is revealed in one episode that Coop does have feelings for Kayleigh