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Your friends make fun of you because they are insecure about themselves. When one person starts it, the other ones do too because they don't want to be picked on. The best ways to solve this are to:

A: Walk away, but dont let them say something like this "yeah keep walking cuz you know you're scared of me!"

B: Ask them to stop

C: Find new friends

Never get in a fight with them cuz they wont leave you alone they'll just keep messing with you.

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What do you do if your friends make fun of you?

There are a number of possible strategies. You can ask your friends to stop making fun of you - but that is not likely to work, because if they cared about offending you they could have figured out for themselves that you would not want to be made fun of. You can make yourself even more ridiculous and become a comedian. You can make yourself less ridiculous so that your friends will no longer have anything to make fun of. Or you can get different friends.

Why do people make fun of your friends?

This is because they don't know the value of friends..!

Should you ask a girl out if you know your friends will make fun of you for it?

if your friends are really your friends they wont laugh

Make friends before you need them?

I would make friends just if I want to have friends. You can't be a friend of everyone's but I think it's no fun not to have any friends.

Your friends don't like girls yet and I have a crush on this girl and if they find out I am afraid they'll make fun of you and stuff what should you do?

They wont make fun of you. And if they do they're not real friends.

What is the point of the Olympic Games?

to have fun and to make new friends

Did Walt Disney make an impact in California?

many people can have fun and play there. they can have fun with family and friends

Fun things to do on ToonTown when no friends are online?

It's fun to make new friends on the trolley, or fight cogs! You can also throw a party and earn jellybeans!

What is the reason for having video games?

To have fun, entertainment, play online with friends, make friends, and etc.

What if you have a girlfriend but your friends make fun of you because you dating her?

if there your real friends then they would be supportive of your relationship, and you shouldn't let your friends make fun of you girlfriend. remind them who has the girlfriend around here, And maybe they should get a girlfriend. But if you tell them to stop and they won't then forget them.

Why cant friends understand you and make fun of you?

If they make fun of you and don't say sorry then they're not you're real friends. Only 1 out of my 10 friends understand me so I understand where you are coming from. If you don't give them clues to who you really are then they will never understand you.

How can you make gay friends?

The same way you make friends with anybody - be friendly, approachable, fun to be with, willing to lend an ear, have things in common.

What do you do if your friends make fun of your name?

Tell them it really bothers you and ask them to stop. If they won't stop, get new friends.

Your friends and you wish to make a counsel devised of your friends for fun what would be a good acronym for it?

Friends Require Interesting Endeavors Not Dumb Symbols

Is weeworld good?

I go on WeeWorld and they cuss you make fake or real relationships and make friends its fun to me and my friends. add me on weeworld my name is omglikerlly

How are you supposed to make friends at school if everyone makes fun of you?

Well u my friend are Funked if u can't make friends Enjoy life

What if she makes fun of you in front of his friends?

Then you make fun of her infront of her friends, you need payback. Don't never let a woman get the upper hand otherwise girls will think their invincible.

Your friends make fun of you for your oversized penis what should you do?

Thank the fates that you have such a problem.

Why would a girl's friends make fun of her crush?

because she is simply jealous!

Is Minecraft fun to play?

In my opinion minecrft is fun. You can play with friends, make your own server, make huge kingdoms, and everything you could dream of in blocks.

What is the object of the game in rugby?

To score, win and have fun. To make friends. Some people do it to make money.

Your trying to get your two friends do be friends how do you do it?

make up fun quizzes for them to do. They will likely get the same answers and realize that they do have something in common

Why are most guys embarrassed to say they are in love around there friends?

Because they dont want their friends to make fun of them and they want to seem cool around their friends..

What is the purpose of bullying?

Bullies use bullying for fun, to make themselves feel better, and make their friends laugh.

What do French people do for fun?

Like a lot of people do, to go out with friends, parties, cooking with friends, to go to the restaurent, make love...