Why do your friends pay no attention when I'm speaking?

Ohh...this happened to me many times. The reason may be because your friend is upset with you about something. Think about what you have done to that person a few days ago and so on that might've upseten that person. It can be also because that person is distracted about something. If you want to tell that person something, make sure you take the person somewhere with you (probably someplace not so loud and distracting) and say what you want. If it is a group of friends that are ignoring and/or avoiding you, the possible reasons are:
1. Again, they might be upset and want you to feel left-out and lonely.
2. They take no intrest in what you say or trying to say.
3. They just wanna be together....?
Well, I hope this answer helps, because I went through this a lot with my friends;)
So good luck. (o^_^o)