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Could be that the clutch needs to be adjusted ... try double-clutching and see if the problem persists.

Could be also that the clutch needs to be replaced.

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Q: Why do your gears grind on your 1990 accord going into 2 and 3 its a five speed the fluids are fine?
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Why would a 96 Pontiac Grand Am grind when going into reverse?

im assuming that its an automatic,if so then its just because your transmition is messed up,or your rear gears(not the trans gears)are damaged.

What makes the gears of a transmission grind?

Too fast or slow of rpm for gear your trying to switch into A bad or going bad shift synchronizer

What would cause gears to grind?

your clutch may not be fully engaging

Why does my transmission on my 1995 3000GT grind gears as if the clutch is not fully disengaged?

Sorry to say that you probably wrecked the syncro in some of the gears if it is only in between certain gears

What would cause your 1993 ford probe GT to grind gears and not go into gear?


Why would the transmission grind on a 88 dodge colt?

The transmission might grind on an '88 Dodge Colt because it is very low on transmission fluid. It might also grind because the gears are damaged or stripped.

Why is your 94 jeep wrangler only grind gears when downshifting from 3rd to 2nd gear and only at about 30mph?

Clutch needs adjusting or the synchronizers are going bad.Clutch needs adjusting or the synchronizers are going bad.

Why does my car not move and gears grind?

I would guess that your clutch or transmission are bad. Hope that is just the clutch.

Why does my 89toy auto will shift up but not down.?

Well how well do you shift if you grind your gears alot you are grinding ff the points on the gears hence its harder to put in gear.

Why does the wrangler 5 speed transmission grind going in to gears?

If all gears started grinding at the same time either a bad clutch or it needs to be bleed more. If it started with a gear then went to others the syncros are all worn. Which would call for a tranny re build

Why does your Windstar transmission growl?

There are a few reasons for a transmission to growl. It could be that the vehicle is low on fluid, and the gears are starting to grind, it could be that there is dirt within the system causing it to grind as well.

Why does your car stall when taking off?

This can only happen to shift stick cars, and how this happens is that the gears grind together!

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