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Could be thoracic outlet syndrome.

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Q: Why do your hands and fingers go tingly and numb when you breath deeply or sigh?
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How do you know if you have Healing Hands?

Your hands will be hot and tingly nearly all the time or just when you meditate.

Will I still have tingly fingers after carpal tunnel surgery?

No. I had to have it done to both hands as the tingling and pain stopped me from getting any sleep or using my hands properly about 4 years ago. the best move I ever made I haven't had any problems since then.

Why is your breath warm when you breath on your hands?

because the flesh on your hands then heat up the air

Hands fall asleep?

Hands may fall asleep because of awkward positioning. Nerves may become compressed, which leads to the hands feeling numb and tingly.

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Which fruit has hands and fingers?

Bananas have clusters of fruit called hands. Individual bananas are called fingers.

Can you get carpal tunnel in hands and fingers from texting?

Yes you can, any repetitive motion with your hands or fingers can cause it.

What is the collective noun for fingers?

I think it's hands

Why do your hands go numb and tingly when you fall?

Its a self defence reaction so the nerves aren't damaged.

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