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Q: Why do your heels itch?
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Why has the skin on your heels gone yellow and itch?

It's dryness. Try using allot of Vaseline and wearing socks

Do you scratch your itch or itch your scratch?

i itch my itch and scratch my scratch

What are the different types of high heels?

There are several types of high heels shoes: Stiletto heels; Kitten heels: Cone heels: Prism heels: Spool heels: Wedge heels

Do you scratch an itch or do you itch an itch?

You scratch an itch! An itch itches. You scratch an itch to remove the pain.

What is the synonym of itch?


Does linen itch?

Sometimes it does itch.

Why do breasts itch?

They can itch when they are growing

How do you treat skin itch?

itch it

Does skin cancer itch?

Yes, it can itch. But a uncomfortable itch or persistent itch may be an alarm bell and should be seen by your doctor.

Is itch a verb?

Yes, to itch is a verb. You betcha!! Itch can be used as a verb or a noun.

What is sun burn itch?

Sun Burn itch is when you have a sunburn and it starts to itch badly.

What is a sentence for the word itch?

He had an awkward itch on his back.He got the itch seen to by a doctor.

Do warts itch?

Ususlly the warts do itch.

Where does an itch go when you itch it?

It's scratched out.

What do you do if you have a itch inside your right ear?

itch it

Do horses itch?

NO horses dont itch.

Walking on your heels is?

Walking on your heels is an unusual thing to do. People walk on their feet, not on their heels.

Why do you itch?

If the itch persists after this procedure then visit your Doctor !

Do hpv itch?

HPV virus warts do itch.

What is itch?

An itch is where your skin is red and starts infecting it .

Do spider bites itch?

yes they itch alot

What is itch in German?

itch is Juckreiz !itching is jucken!

What is the plural for itch?

The plural form of itch is itches.

Why do Mosquitoes itch?

The mosquito doesn't itch, the bite does.

Do herpes itch or hurt?

Herpes does itch and hurt.