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Why do your lips swell with no pain or itching and sometimes your right ear swells also?

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you could be allergic to something. go to the doctor.

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What is the difference of whitecap and swell?

a swell swells and a white cap swells

What causes a turtle to swell?

well a turtle swells by it layiing on its stomach and it swells then explodespeace out suckers :) =P

What cell swells when placed in a solution?

the cell that swell in solution

Food that swells when you eat it?

no food will swell up while you eat it

When do guard cells swell?

guard cell swells when water falls on it

An illness which makes your neck swell?

I think the answer is it means that when your neck swells it chokes.

Why does a cell swell in a hypotonic solution?

It swells because of the amount of water it has inside

What part of the stem swells when the phloem is cut off?

the top of the phloem will swell

Why do your face swell if I bend over to long?

Your face swells if you bend over because the blood goes to your face, and swells up the blood vessels.

How do you wrte a sentence using swell?

The storm has brought high winds and heavy swells along the coast.Its a swell day we are having, isn't it?

Why does the bumble bee sting swell up?

There is poison in the stinger,and poison swells up.

What swells in biology?

There are many things that "swell" in terms of biology, one of them being the blood vessels (more specifically capillaries) which swell during inflammation.

What causes a horses chest to swell?

A horse, like a human, chest swells when they intake oxygen.

Why does the vagina swell after sex?

For the same reason that the penis swells. It is infiltrated with blood and grows larger.

Would the right word be spelled a swales b sweles c swails d swells?

Both swells and swales can be plural nouns.Swells are large waves. Swales are dips or valleys in the ground.The word swells can also be a verb (to swell), meaning to grow in size or metaphorically so.Examples:Water can accumulate in roadside swales after a heavy rain.The ocean swells reached 22 feet in height.Swells of water overwhelmed the small sailboat.The skin often swells temporarily after a tattoo is done.My heart swells with pride when I think of my disabled son's accomplishments.

Is it normal for the vagina to swell up after intercourse?

Yes. When a woman gets sexually excited, more blood flows to the labia. It swells a little and sometimes a lot. Some women will notice no change at all.

Why does it itch and swell after a mosquito bites?

Well it will itch because it will effect your hand and it will swell up because you keep on itching it or because it gt infected

What causes the body parts to swell if injured?

Blood vessels being ruptured. the blood fills the tissue and it swells.

What causes your tongue to swell?

your tongue usually swells when it get hurt, ex. if you bite your tongue, if you are having an allergic reaction, etc.

Why does your one eye swell?

Well, if you have allergies, sometimes, they cause the eye to itch and swell up, also it may be Pink eye, go to the doctors. Try to stop itching it, and don't touch it when its swollen, put a cool cloth on it to stop some of the irritation. <3 i have allergies i know all this stuff!

Will the elodea leaf swells up if it's kept in 5 of saline water?

Yes, the Elodea leaf will swell up if it is kept in 5 percent saline water. It causes its cells to swell, which usually causes it to die.

Do your lymph nodes swell when you have the flu?

Yes, they sometimes do.

Why does the skin swell after a cut?

It is part of an inflammatory process. It swells because inflammatory segments go to the cut and react to it to start the clotting and healing process. :)

How are swells and breakers different?

A swell is a wave that occurs out at sea. A breaker is a wave that grows higher and when it gets too high the crest breaks and falls forward!

What swells and shrinks to control Water loss?

Boilers have the capacity to swell and shrink in order to control water loss. This process also prevents the boiler from overloading.

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