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Why do your testicles tingle during the day and when you pee and hurt every now and then?

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βˆ™ 2006-08-12 08:34:33

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You may have an infection, take a specimen to the doctor for testing.

2006-08-12 08:34:33
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What do you do when you get hit in the testicles?


Does kick testicles hurt?


Is it normal for your penis and testicles hurt after sneezing?


When will a male puppies testicles drop does it hurt them?

Normally the testicles drop at about 6 months of age.

Is there a std that makes your testicles hurt?

There are a million things which could make testicles sore. Some are trivial, some are scary. If your testicles hurt, go see a doctor about that, ok? No point in being stubborn when balls are on the line.

How does a woman know a man loves her?

When she is the reason he gets up every day and makes her the centre of his being. If he doesnt make you feel like this, if you feel there is something missing if you have any tingle of a doubt, he isn't the one. That tingle of doubt can become a sledge hammer of hurt.

What is wrong if your testicles hurt for a couple of weeks?


Why does it hurt so much when you get hit in the testicles?

That is a sensitive area.

Can an STD cause testicular pain?

Your testicles can hurt if you have a STD.

Is there a problem if it don't hurt when my testicles are hit?

how hard are you hitting them?

Does walking make you testicles hurt?

It shouldn't. If it does ask your doctor about it:)

Does it hurt a hermaphrodite when you get kicked in the testicles?

I haven't heard of a case where a hermaphrodite got hurt when I got kicked in the balls.

What causes your head to hurt when you laugh?

Your testicles swell causing your head implode

What makes your testicles hurt?

hmmm when they bump into each other it really hurts

Can a 7 year old's testicles hurt if hit?

no i mean meare tapping

Why do your testicels hurt?

Well, if your testicles hurt all the time, then i highly suggest seeing a physician immediately. But if your asking why do testicles hurt when they are tapped, or because they are filled with tons of nerve endings, that is why, when you are sexually aroused, the feeling is so intensified, just because of the quantity of nerve endings.

Does castration hurt?

Castration must hurt. The physical removal of the testicles, even if put under or done with a band will be painful later on.

How do you get rid of swelling testicles?

Masturbate. Your testicles probably hurt because of the semen that's being built up. If your symptoms continue or worsen, consult a doctor.

Why does it not hurt when I am hit in the testicles?

You should be. It is very painful. You may want to talk to your doctor about this.

Why do my testicles hurt?

It depends on what you're feeling. If there are times where your vas deferens swell and hurt, then see your doctor. If your epydidymis hurts, then see your doctor! In fact, if your testicles hurt in any way, I think you should see your doctor. It could be a hernia, or maybe some other type of problem, maybe even a twisted testicle. Twisted testicles may need to be removed if not discovered early, but I imagine serious pain that might be too hard to ignore. My testicles swell and hurt seriously at times, too, so the next time it happens, I'll be at my doctor. I suggest you do the same.

Can a baseball pitcher pitch in every game during the season?

He can, but he probably, no, most likely get hurt.

Can a sinus infection or an earache cause the right side of your head to hurt or tingle?

Yes. If that's what's going on, see a doctor.

Does it hurt ta get your belly pierced?

well i think it does as they get a hook and scoop it. it has a pained tingle but does go away instantly after it has Been done.

Why do your ovaries hurt when you push on them?

Ovaries hurt when you push them just as testicles hurt when you push them. If this is a new symptom for you, see your health care provider for an exam. In the meantime, stop pushing on your ovaries.

Why do testicles hurt?

Your testicles have many more nerve endings than much of the rest of your body so they are more sensitive to pain then the rest of your bodyinfection, prostate cancer, etc....