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Sounds like you need to replace the coolant temperature sensor.

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โˆ™ 2006-08-28 03:10:40
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Q: Why does 1991 Camry dies after start up sometimes but will restart after many tries and shows a code 22 of a faluty coolant temperature signal It chugs and blows black smoke when it happens Mechanic?
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What happens if engine coolant is put in while the car is off?

After coolant is added run vehicle to normal operating temperature and re-check coolant level

Why does temperature in accura integra change from normal to very hot?

your coolant is low.......this happens when you are idle and then once you start moving it goes down......fill your coolant to the top and itl fix this problem

What happens if the coolant temp sensor on 97 toyota camry is bad?

Your temperature gauge does not work, and the engine might run rough.

What happens to the temperature of a solid when it is heated?

By heating temperature is increased up to the melting or boiling; sometimes heating lead to thermal decomposition.

What happens when coolant sensor is bad?

If the sensor goes sometimes it will think it is VERY cold outside like when mine went it thought it was -192 F so it will put tons of gas in the engine to keep it running at that temperature so you will have horrible mileage

What happens if you put wiper fluid in the coolant tank?

Hi, I did this at weekend. Checked with my mechanic. I had put in about a quarter pint. He said this was ok. If you put in a lot more then you should check with another.

What is the blue coolant light mean?

automotive manufactures are now using lights instead of gauges to save money and make it more user friendly. Blue coolant light in the instrument cluster means that the engine coolant temperature is still not at the normal operating temperature (cold). Normally happens at cold start (when you first the car up in the morning for example) It will turn off once the coolant temperature reaches normal operating temperature. Note: if the coolant light turns red, it means your engine is over heating and you should turn it off before you cause more damage.

Does the thermostat control the heat in your car?

No, the thermostat controls the temperature of the engine coolant. As long as the coolant temperature is below the thermostat set-point, the thermostat remains closed. Once the temperature arrives at the set-point, the thermostat starts to open, sending heated coolant through the radiator. The radiator then cools the heated engine coolant and the water pump forces the coolant back through the engine. The heater control valve allows more or less of the engine coolant through the heater core. Since the coolant should be very near the set-point temperature of the thermostat, you should be getting hot water through the heater core to warm the inside of the vehicle. The engine coolant is there to keep the engine from melting down or from breaking metal parts and burnng off the oil. It just happens that the heated coolant is useful to warm the inside of the vehicle.

What happens When radiator fails?

When your radiator fails in a car, your car will overheat. Sometimes it will explode with steam. Usually you lose your radiator coolant. Often you will have to replace your radiator.

What happens when you put windshield washer in the coolant in Grand prix Pontiac What happens when you put windshield washer in a Ponitac?

What happens when you put windshield washer in the coolant in a Grand prix Pontiac

What happens to your vehicle when you add the wrong coolant?

The remains of the old coolant can cause the new coolant to fail. Using the wrong type of coolant can also damage the engine.

What happens if you spill coolant on the drive belt?

The belt will squeak until the coolant wears off.

Why does check gauges light come on and temperature go up?

That happens because the engine is overheating. Normal causes are low coolant, bad thermostat, or inoperative fan.

What does it mean when your car coolant is brown and thick?

It could be that it is neglected coolant that is rusty, However, engine oil could be entering the cooling system via a cracked head gasket. Check the engine oil dipstick and oil filler cap. If there is a white milky substance on either. see your mechanic right away! Do not run the engine until the problem is corrected. that is an excellent answer but you mite try draining it and flushing out the system until you get clean water coming out let it drain empty then put an anti rust and fresh coolant in and see what happens, you MAY save some money?!!! That is a good idea IF it can be confirmed that the coolant is not contaminated with oil.first. This is where a qualified mechanic with proven tests and equipment can save money. i was a mechanic for 40 years

Looking for coolant loss on a 2000 Isuzu rodeo ls checked hoses radiator water leak found. no coolant inside vehicle to suggest heater core.any help is appreciated?

Had this same problem on the same vehicle. After a few trips to the mechanic, I decided to replace the radiator cap ($2.99 @ your local store). The problem was solved. It seems there is a seal on the cap that holds a vacuum in the colling system. This allows the coolant to flow into and out of the reservoir. If the cap is faulty (and from my mechanic friends, I learned that this happens more frequently than not) the vacuum does not hold and the flow of the coolant back into the radiator does not happen as it should. Hope this helps!

What happens if radiator hoses burst?

The coolant leaks out.

What happens if the heater core breaks?

It leaks coolant.

What happens when coolant gets on the serpentine belt?

It will squeak

What happens if you run a car with out antifreeze?

If you use plain water, below 32 degrees the coolant and engine block will freeze. Anti freeze also allow coolant to reach a higher temperature, ( plain water boils at 212 degrees F ) before boiling.

What happens if you have no radiator coolant in your auto?

feeds no coolant to your engine, then air gets into your engine which will cause it to seize up and shut down, car will constantly shut off when temperature gets to high(dosent take long at all). will blow your gaskets and engine this way

What happens if you use the in correct coolant to water mixture?

If you use more water than coolant, then your car isn't protected against freezing conditions to as low of a temperature as the container may indicate. Also there is a possibility of rusting if you use only water (I've been told).

What happens when you accidentally mix oil in the coolant of a volkswagen beetle?

Nothing will happen if you drain the cooling system and replace the coolant.

What happens if you accidentally put DEF in the coolant?

I would have the cooling system flushed and coolant replaced. DEF is very caustic.

What happens if you put steering fluid in the coolant reservoir?

Drain the coolant reserve chamber and refill with new coolant. Can use a turkey baster ot remove hose from chamber.

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