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you need a new ignition tumbler.

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Q: Why does 1995 Ford Escort LX not start when ignition switch clicks with key but engine doesn't turn over and instrument panel lights on without key in ignition and radio heater and lights work?
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How do you start a car on GTR 2?

I know about the starter and ignition, but I click the ignition and then it clicks, then when I press and hold the starter it starts then immediatly stalls, I have tried it in neutral, in gear, with clutch, without clutch, with clutch and throttle.

Could starter be frozen car not starting rapid clicks when ignition key is turned?

This sounds like your battery.

WE have a 1999 Seville with a new battery It clicks when ignition is turned then nothing and it can not be jumped-why?

Check for bad connections or fusable link

What causes a 1972 C50 truck not to turn over no clicks or anything?

assuming the battery and cables are good and connected....check the ignition switch..:)

1994 Ford Escort blinkers and hazzard lights and the inside indicator do not workthe flasher clicks and the contacts are closing faster than normal What is the problem?

Might be a bad flasher

When you hook the battery up you have lights and power turn the ignition it clicks and you lose all power to the truck no lights exc?

check and clean the battery terminals

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How is the inertia switch reset on a 1987 Ford Escort 4 door?

It should be located in the rear cargo area, possibly on the right side. It has a button on the top you push down until it clicks.

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Why will your 1992 Jeep Cherokee not start?

starter, solonoid, ignition, battery. if it clicks when you turn the key then the battery is really dead or its the starter the battery could still be jumped if its the battery.

What is the problem on a 2000 Monte Carlo if you turn the ignition it clicks and then doesn't do anything else after that until you let it sit a while or reconnect the battery?

sounds like the starter or alternator

Your 1998 ford escort zx2 won't start it just clicks?

your battery is flat Could be that your starter is dead. The clicking is the starter solenoid. That's a good thing that it is at least clicking. Replace the starter.

I have a Dodge Caravan 2002 - When I turn the key - I hear clicks on ignition - but engine wont start?

Your battery is dead. Turn your lights off next time.

What is wrong when you turn the ignition and it just clicks the battery is old?

jump start the car and get a new battery and if it isn't the battery it could be the alternator or both, but try a new battery first

What is the most likely problem if when you turn the ignition and it just clicks repeatedly but doesn't turn engine over This is a Ford Focus 2001 4-cylinder automatic?

A weak Battery

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How do you reset the alarm on a corolla 1993?

To reset the alarm on a Corolla 1993, place they key in the ignition and turn it until it clicks. Keep the key in this position for 10 minutes and then start the car as normal.

How do you get your 1999 Z22 Cavalier steering column to unlock?

Put the key in the ignition and keep slight pressure towards the "on" position. Turn the wheel right/left until the key clicks to the "on" position.

How do you turn off the hazard lights in a 1996 Bonneville?

There is a knob under the ignition switch. it says hazards, you must pull that knob back towards you until it clicks and your hazards will be turned off.

What is wrong when your 1993 Mazda MVP just clicks after you turn the ignition on?

sounds like your batteries dead, if you tried jumping it off with no luck, make sure the battery terminals are connected good

When you turn ignition key all the way to start it only clicks if you back off on key ranger starts fine?

Probable cause is the contacts inside the ignition switch are dirty or worn out. Some switches can be opened and the contacts cleaned quite easily, whereas others can be more difficult. Only 100% fix is to replace the switch part of the ignition switch assembly.

How do you remove ignition switch from Mercedes c 180 1994 petrol?

You have to put your penis in the ignition hole, then jimmy the lock until it clicks, then tap 5 times above where your penis meets the opening, then yank as hard as you can, and congratulations, you should have a very hurt penis, but removed ingition switch.

What could be the problem if a car starts sometimes and the problem isn't the battery?

Could be the starter or ignition switch...does the car crank/turn over when you turn the key? If you just turn the key and it 'clicks' it might be the ignition switch. I've had this problem before, and it ended up being the alternator. HOpe this helps!