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i say it probably not that check under your throttle body your terminal vacumm switch is probably leaking i have a 88 and it has 124,000 and they were both shot which i replaced they runn about $16.00 a piece they have to be special order from parts

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What size are the front speakers in a 1988 Ford Festiva?

The stock speakers in a Festiva are 4 inch all around

Installing Ford Festiva front wheel bearing?

To install Ford Festiva front wheel bearing, the engine must be stopped and the car taken to a flat surface. The jack is usually used to lift the vehicle.

How do i change the brakes on a 89' Ford Festiva?

In fact it' a 1993 festiva standard. How put off old plates on front discs braques?tancks!Constant

How to change the front intake manifold gasket on a 1999 Chevy Venture?

there is no upper intake gasket, only a front and rear

What would cause a transmission fluid leak in a 2002 Honda passport?

AnswerIt could be your boot or seal around the transmission.My 2002 passport was leaking from the front pan, the transmission has a front and rear pan and the gasket had to be replaced.

You bought a 86 Toy 4x4 It looks like it has an oil leak from the front of the head gasket It had head gasket replaced before you got it Will retorquing the head stop the oil leak or is it too late?

Not to fear, it is not, was not the head. Replaced the oil seal on the crank, no more oil leaks. Cost: $40, parts and labor.

How do you change front left wheel bearings on 91 Ford Festiva?

send it to a mechanic

How do you fix an oil leak on a '95 Isuzu pickup at engine front plate gasket?

All of that has to come off and the gasket replaced. Get you a manual on it from AUTOREPAIR2000.COM The problem is not a gasket. The leak is coming from your oil cooler which is problematic and prone to leaking. Replace the unit and your leak should stop. Good luck

Is the sending unit towards the bottom and front?

sending unit for what, kind of car engine what sending unit

Where are the horn connections for a 1991 Ford Festiva?

Passenger lower front fender /w horn relay front end driver side

How do you replace the lower intake manifold gasket in a 99 Chevy Venture?

there is no lower intake gasket, only a front and rear gasket

Where is the horn on a 1990 Ford Festiva?

Its under the right front fender, behind the bumper(passenger side)

Will a Ford Aspire rear spindle fit a 1991 festiva?

Yes, but removing the rear spindle is a lot of work and may require power tools or a press. A better alternative and a common modification for a Festiva is to swap the front hubs and rear end from an Aspire to a Festiva. This allows you much larger brakes, removable disc brakes up front, a rear torsion bar for much better handling. Some would say the swap is almost required as the Festiva stock brakes and suspension is horrible.

What does it cost to repair Front Valve Cover Gasket?

Repairing a car can be costly. The cost to repair a Front Valve cover Gasket can range from $15 to $150 or more.

Where is the temperature sending unit on a 1977 302?

The temperature sending unit on a 1977 302 engine is on the front. It is located in front of and to the right of the intake manifold.

Anybody know what is causing 1999 Ford Festiva to have a very noisy clunking front end?

It is the sway bar bushings.

Where is the temperature sending unit on a 1994 F250?

Temperature Gauge Sending Unit The sending unit is located in the front section of the manifold in the vicinity of the thermostat.

What is wrong with your 1989 Ford Festiva when its leaking oil all over the engine is the head gasket shot?

Sounds like the Valve Cover Gasket needs replacing. You need to find out where the oil is coming from first. Clean all the oil off the engine and then start it, and look see where it is leaking. It is probably not the head gasket. Yes, that, but if you remove the Oil Filler Cap, and with the engine running there is considerable air flow coming out of the Valve Cover, then probably you have a bad compression ring on at least one cylinder.....what it does is pressurize the Valve Cover and eventually blows out the gasket....mine does it in the front......leaking oil all down the front of the engine.......a Compression Check would be in order. Chuck, CABGx3

Where is the temperature sending unit on a 1994 Lincoln town car?

The temperature sending unit on a 1994 Lincoln Town Car is on the top front of the engine. It is directly in front of the distributor.

Where is the temperature sending unit for a 95 Chevy beretta?

The temperature sending unit for a 1995 Chevy Beretta is on the front of the engine. It is between the front of the engine and the radiator inlet/outlet.

What size are the transmission mounting bolts in a 1990 Ford Festiva manual transmission?

1 17mm in front and 2 14mms in back.

Where is the horn on a Ford Festiva Mazda 121 kia pride?

there are two horns behind the front bumper below the head lights right and left on the front of the metal inter fender.

Burnt rubber smell coming from car?

it could be from your valve gaskets leaking oil. my car was smelling like that and my gasket seals were leaking, both front and back. after having them replaced i dont smell it anymore. KNOCK ON WOOD

Why would your 92 Honda accord exr leak 5 liters of oil when oil pan was replaced?

Check drain plug & around pan gasket for leaks-especially front & back; those areas trickiest to seal.

Where is temp sending unit on 93 4.0 ranger?

The sending unit (for the gauge) is on the TOP LH FRONT of the engine. On the top, you'll see three of the fuel injectors, and the sending unit is to the left of the injector that is closest to the grill (i.e. closest to the front of the vehicle).