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Remove the relay or fuse for the door locks.

What you probably need to do is to check you battery because i have a dodge 2004 also and my locks did the same thing so i just replaced my battery and the locks started working again.

The power door locks on a Dodge Caravan can stop working if the fuse is bad. Check the power door lock relay fuse that is located in the engine compartment on most Dodge Caravans. It should be next to the battery.

The automatic door locks on a Dodge Intrepid won't work if the fuse or switch are bad. These two components should be checked first to narrow down the cause.

On a Dodge vehicle it is the computer that controls the interior lights, locks, etc...

door open light is on, locks and mirrors will not work

The dealer can turn it off with a scan tool.

All fuses are under the hood, next to the battery.

You may have a dragging pulley or clutch plate that locks up when the rpm's increase

Did you install a new stereo? I had that problem with my 1995 xr-7 when I crossed some wires. It also caused my car to not shift out of park.

There are a variety of features of the 2008 Dodge Charger. Some of these features are anti-theft locks, braking and traction, electrical and engines and emissions.

With the opening up strategy in China going deeply, wealthy and middle class appear constantly and high-grade buildings are developed quickly. High grade electronic intelligent cam locks have extensive prospect of market development. With the investment of Chinese lock industry on high technology of intelligent locks increasing annually and 3G times coming, electronic locks have shown the trend that takes place of mechanical locks.

I had the same thing happen to me yesterday. Today the car won't start at all and the battery is fine. Locks continue to lock and unlock as if the car was possessed. Help would be most appreciated!

The relay for the locks is usually located in the fuse panel (usually lower left of the steering wheel) and is one of the larger rectangular boxes plugged into the fuse panel.

If you are talking about the auto-lock at 15mph, then that must be activated at your Dodge dealer. Some will do it for free, it only takes a few minutes to do, they have to hook up their Chrysler DRB Scan tool. If you are talking about the power locks not operating at all, then I would start with checking fuses.

It is the computer in charge of interior lights and power door locks.

Check the recommended fuse rating for locks. Yu my havetohook up a voltage meter tothe electric lock circuit to test the amp draw of the system-the best way to eliminate the system at ault.

It controls most of the interior electronics such as lights, wipers, locks, theft alarm, etc.

close all doors. keep key off. hold down the central door lock for 10 seconds or more until you here the door locks click. then it is done

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