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because spins the domains round and makes them point randomly

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3 things that can destroy magnetism?

one of the ways you can use to destroy magnetism is by heating a magnet.

Can dropping a magnet destroy its magnetism?


How can you destroy a magnets magnetism?


What is one way you can destroy a magnet's magnetism?

Heating a magnet depletes and eventually destroys its magnetism.

Why can heat destroy the magnetism of a magnet?

Heat can randomize the electron orientations thus reducing the magnetism.

How are electriciy and magnetism related?

AC currents mate ;)

Why does ac current destroy magnetism?

This is because the current kills the magnetized/domain particles and so it becomes un-magnetized. When the domains are magnetized they all face the direction of the magnet but when they have been destroyed by an AC current... they are pretty much jumbled together!

What are three ways to destroy the magnetism of a magnet?

By heating the magnet, By repeatedly stoking it with small hammer, By winding the insulated copper wire around the magnet, like electrical winders do and passing the electric current in right direction to destroy magnetism in it.

What links are there between electricity and magnetism?

An AC/DC voltage that flows through a coil with a steel bar inside of it generates a powerful magnetism, depending on the voltage applied, the number of spire, the section of the wire. Transformers require AC to generate electromagnetic induction.

For a 3 phase alternator why there is an AC voltage generated in the absence DC excitation?

due to residual magnetism

How can you change the strength of magnetism?

Take a strong magnet, and rub it across the weak one and it'll make it stronger. You can weaken or destroy an on objects magnetism with heat or with physical shock such as banging it with something or on something.

Will magnets lose it's power by rubbing?

You can destroy the magnetism of a magnet by hammering ,heating or using a alternating current method.

Does heating or hammering destroy magnetism?

Yes. It is because heating and hammering supplies energy to the domains which free them from their initial order.

What causes a magnet to loose it's magnetism?

high temperature, AC magnetic fields, mechanical shocks, and physical distortion.

How can you destroy magnetism?

first of all you get your faeces and rub it on the magnet then that fuzzes up the electrons then after that you lick it clean yum yum yum

Why can dropping a magnet destroy its magnetism?

Any sudden shock to a magnet will make it tend to align its field with the local ambient field.

How do you get the parachute on ac brotherhood?

All you need to do is destroy leonardos war machine then find him :)

Which of these is not a way by which objects can become charged?

magnetism magnetism magnetism

What is permanent magnetism?

Permanent magnetism is magnetism that is permanent. I think...

What is Marble's Magnetism?

no magnetism

Can you use a 7.5V Ac Adapter to charge a 6V battery?

No, it will overcharge the battery and overtime destroy it.

What does magnetism meen?

what does magnetism been

What is the magnetism of an emerald?

there is no magnetism to an emerald

How can you destroy the magnetic properties of a magnet?

Heat. Striking repeatedly. Hold inside an AC current electromagnet.

How can magnetism be induced?

You can induce magnetism by heating it.