Why does Australia wear green and yellow at the Olympics?

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On April 19, 1984, then Governor-General, Ninian M Stephen proclaimed "Green and Gold" as the national colors for the nation of Australia.

Dating back to 1899, the colors were first used when National Cricket Team Captain Joe Darling adorned green and gold caps and blazers for his team's English tour. Shortly thereafter, various Australian sporting teams began to drape the colors for International events, which eventually led into a full representation by the Australian sports community.

The reasons for this are plenty, not the least of which is the representation of Australia's Floral Emblem -- the Golden Wattle (Acacia Pycnantha), which is green and gold. Often described as "gum-tree green" and "wattle-gold", the colors have also been made to represent the landscape of Australia: gold meant to conjure "images of the country's beaches, mineral wealth, grain harvests and the fleece of Australian wool", and green meant to evoke "the forests, gum trees and pastures of the Australian landscape."

Not all teams have worn the colors since proclamation, however; as blue and silver tracksuits were used at the Beijing Olympic Games, drawing the ire of the pan-Australian community. It's likely we won't see this happen again for awhile.
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What does The Yellow olympic ring mean?

The Rings symbolize each geographical area. Each country within these areas has a minimum of one colour on the emblem in their national flag. No one ring has any specific meaning. There were 5 countries and so 5 different coloured rings.

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The three rings stand for three major countries involved inBringing back the Olympic games to modern times. The blue andyellow rings represent the country of Sweden.

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The colors of the rings in the Olympic flag do not represent any continent or country. The colors represent the colors found in the flags of the nations that compete in the Olympic Games.

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Though the Olympic Rings are coloured in those five colours, the flag as a whole has six colours: White, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue and Black. At the introducation of the flag, in 1914, those six colours were all the colours that appeared in the flags of the nations participating in the Olympic Games. ( Full Answer )

Why do Australion teams wear yellow and green?

Credit for this answer goes to Wayne Hewitt. "While the Australian flag is indeed coloured red, white and blue, those colours are neither Australia's official colours (green and gold) nor its traditional heraldic colours (blue and gold). Green and gold has been used traditionally by Olympic and int ( Full Answer )

When did Australia start wearing green and gold as their national colors?

Australia's national colours of green and gold were proclaimed by the Governor General of Australia on 19 April 1984. They are the colours of our national emblem, the Golden Wattle. Green and gold have been associated with sports in Australia since the late 1800s.

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According to Baron de Coubertin: "The Olympic flag ... has a white background, with five interlaced rings in the centre: blue, yellow, black, green and red ... This design is symbolic ; it represents the five inhabited continents of the world, united by Olympism, while the six colors are those that ( Full Answer )

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The shoes and clothing worn at the games are designed to help the people wearing them run, swim, jump, or play better. The color is just what was used by the company who made them. There is no reason they are one certain color.

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The athletes get free shoes and clothing from different brands. The yellow shoes are Nike and are made to custom fit each individual athletes feet by Nike labs & engineering. Nike makes sponsorship deals with all types of athletes from all countries of the world. Some are really small deals that jus ( Full Answer )

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