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CBr4 is larger than CH4, so it has a higher London dispersion, a type of Intermolecular force. Higher force means longer time to bring the substance to boil, thus a higher boiling point.

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The boiling point is always higher than the melting point.

iodine is having higher boiling point

O2 has a boiling point of -183 degree centigrade while neon has a boiling point of -246 degree centigrade. So, Oxygen has a comparatively higher boiling point than Neon.

Acetone ( CH3OCH3) has a higher boiling point than propane ( CH3CH2CH3 )

benzene has lower boiling point than water

HCl has a lower boiling point than HBr.

Iso-propanol has intermolecular hydrogen bonding. So they have higher boiling point than acetone.

Potassium chloride, KCl, has a tremendously higher boiling point than bromine, Br2.

The boiling point in a pressure cooker is higher than in a standard container.

they are the same... dont know who wrote this but it can be the same such as dry ice, or different such as water. however boiling point will sometimes be higher than melting point

It requires more energy to heat more electrons and protons than has higher boiling point

Boiling point of ethanol is higher than its isomer methane due to the presence of hydrogen bond in ethanol

Ethoxyethane has a higher boiling point than methoxymethane because it contains more carbon atoms.

NO2 has a higher boiling point than CO2 because the nitrogen radii is larger than carbon. The bigger the atom the more intermolecular force that is created...this requires more energy to break causing a higher boiling point.

boiling point:1382 C Melting point: 605 C

Octane has a higher boiling point than pentane because octane has a larger number of carbon atoms than propane

The boiling point of chlorine is -34.6 degrees C and the boiling point of iodine is 184 degrees C so iodine's boiling point is massively higher

In Celsius the freezing point is 0 and the boiling point is 100.

Phenol has a higher boiling point than alcohol does; it has a stronger dipole difference in its -OH group.

Pentanol is an alcohol so effect of hydrogen bonding is responsible for its higher boiling point.

Coke has a higher boiling point because it just does that's why u stupid monkey

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