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The actual reason why Carmelo wears an arm sleve is not because of him wanting to be like LeBron. It is because Carmelo has a tatoo some how rperesenting The street gang known as "The Crips", which the NBA diss-allows NBA players to reveal.

2010-12-10 22:11:41
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Why does carmelo Anthony cover his tattoos on his left arm?

It's a shooting sleeve, a lot of players wear them.Fun Fact: Ray Allen (Boston Celtics) wears a shooting sleeve on one arm during the regular season and a sleeve on both arms in the playoffs.

What arm do you wear a shooting sleeve on?

You would wear a shooting sleeve on the arm that you shoot the ball with.

What arm do you wear a baseball arm sleeve on?


What brand shooting sleeve does rajon rondo wear?

Im pretty sure its either a mcdavid arm sleeve or a nike arm sleeve

Why does Carmelo Anthony wear an armband?

He wears an armband so that sweat dripping from his shoulder and upper arm doesn't get on his hand and make it slipery.

What arm do you wear a basketball sleeve on?

on your right

Why do some baseball players wear one long sleeve?

The long sleeve is actually a compression sleeve. It gives the arm support and keeps it warm

Why does Kobe Bryant wear a sleeve on his arm?

cuz he wanted his wrist to be in place

Why does Antwan Jamison wear one sleeve?

He wears it to protect his shooting arm.

Does Dwight Howard wear arm sleeve?

Yes for all his NBA games.

Why does Kobe wear a sleeve?

Kobe Wears that sleeve to keep his shooting arm warm helps to keep your arms form getting sore are tense.

Why does Allen Iverson wear his armband?

It's actually a sleeve and it keeps his shooting arm warm.

Can a soccer goal keeper wear a short sleeve top?

yes, but it will hurt if it hits the arm

Does Justin Bieber have a full arm tattoo?

He has a sleeve tattoo on his left arm, but a half sleeve on this right arm

Some basketball players wear a full length arm elastic support what is it called?

it is called a "sleeve" its to keep sweat off your shooting arm

Why does Derek Jeter wear one sleeve long and the other short?

professional baseball players wear the sleeve to keep their throwing arm warm so it doesn't take as much throws to warm-up their arms.

Why does ellsbury wear one long sleeve on his glove hand?

I'm guessing it's to keep his arm warm

Why do football players wear only one long sleeve?

the quarterback wears on sleeve so that while they are on the sidelines their throwing arm and shoulder stays warm to prevent injury

What is the difference between full sleeve and half sleeve tattoos?

Tattoos can be applied to one's arm in full sleeve or half sleeve applications. The main difference between full sleeve tattoos and half sleeve tattoos is how much tattoo covers the arm.

Is arm sleeve safe to wear during exercising?

Yes, an arm sleeve is safe to use while exercising. The important thing is to make sure that the sleeve will not catch on anything, and possible cause injury that way. Always make sure to tie your hair back, and tuck in clothing when working out on exercise machines.

What is the sleeve some football players wear it's only one sleeve?

Most players will use that sleeve to keep their arm warm or to hide an injury. Sometimes a sleeve might me really torn and is better off removed. And some players just do it as a fashion statement.

On what arm should I wear my shooting sleeve?

Really doesn't matter which arm you put your shooting sleeve on, although some basketball players like to put it on their right hand if they are right-handed, or thier left if they are left-handed. Try it with both and see.

How do you spell sleeve?

That is the proper spelling of sleeve (the arm of clothing, or an enclosing cover).

Why does ray Allen wear a shooting sleeve?

ray wears a shooter sleeve to stop defenders from scratching his arm after Rip Hamilton did so several times in the 2008 Eastern Conference Finals

How do you spell the arm of a sweater?