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Is this a automatic? if it is my guess would be the transmission and or the overdrive converter. More info would really help. , EzForJesus

I was told by a friend who's a mechanic to remove the EGR valve (a little penetrating oil first on the 2 studs so that you don't break the studs when loosening the nuts), take a section of broken speedometer cable clamped in a drill, and roto-rooter out the ports in the manifold. He said they get clogged with carbon if driven under city conditions for long periods of time. I tried it on my '94 3.8 V6 and it stopped the lurching.

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Q: Why does Chevy Lumina APV lurch or jerk when accelerating between 30-40 mph but accelerates fine at any other speed and drives without any other difficulty?
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