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Why does Chicago have two baseball teams?


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Back when there were two competing leagues Chicago had a team in each league. When the American and National leagues merged to create Major League Baseball, Chicago kept both teams. Now they have one team in each division. Just like New York has the Mets and the Yankees, Chicago has the White Soxs and the Cubs. The White Sox are in the American League, and the Cubs are in the National league.

nope that's not why. its because the cubs were there first. they sucked so bad that Chicago needed to bring in a team to make Chicago not look bad. so that's how they got the sox LOL

Because they can


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There are two baseball teams in Chicago, IL. One of them is the Chicago White Sox who are in the American League. The other team is the Chicago Cubs who are in the National League.

Two. The Chicago Cubs and Chicago White Sox are Illinois' 2 teams.

Chicago Chicago White Sox and Chicago Cubs.

Two. The Chicago Cubs are in the National League and the Chicago White Sox are in the American League.

Chicago Cubs and Chicago White Sox

the only two major league baseball teams whose mascot doesn't end in "s" are the Boston Red Sox and Chicago White Sox.

Chicago has two teams, the Cubs and White Sox. -----Philadelphia had 2 teams between 1901-1954. Boston had 2 teams between 1901-1953. St. Louis had two teams between 1902-1953.

there's only two MLB teams without an s at the end ,the Chicago white sox and the Boston red sox

There are 30 teams in the major league including two in New York, two in Chicago and two in the Los Angeles metro area. That means their are 14 cities, or metro areas, that have the 30 teams. All other cities in the US do not have major league teams. You do the math.

Illinois Chicago Cubs and Chicago White Sox New York Yankees and Mets

One reason is because Chicago is one of the few cities in the USA that is home to two maor league baseball teams: the Cubs are in the national league and the White Sox are in the American league. In the summer, the two teams play each other in 6 "Cross Town Classic" games which are very popular.

There are only 30 MLB teams in the MLB, but there are many places with a minor league park, but there are a few cities like Chicago and Los Angels that have two MLB teams. There are many cities without any teams.

New York,Chicago,Los Angeles, Chicago and Los Angeles are not states. States with two or more Major League teams are: New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Missouri, Florida and California (with four MLB teams).and Ohio. California has 5 MLB t eams.

In the major leagues, just two, the Boston Red Sox and the Chicago White Sox.

every city besides New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles

There are only two teams that end in a letter other than an "s": The Chicago White Sox and the Boston Red Sox. All other teams end in an "s" because it is plural.

The oldest baseball teams still playing are the Chicago Cubs and the Atlanta Braves. Both teams are charter teams of the National League when it was founded in 1876. The Cubs were the Chicago White Stockings and the Braves were the Boston Red Caps.

The Cubs (NL) & White Sox (AL)

Illinois has many sports. Chicago has two major league baseball teams (Chicago Cubs and Chicago White Sox) , a football team (Chicago Bears), a basketball team (Chicago Bulls), hockey team Chicago Black Hawks), and a soccer team (Chicago Fire).

Bob Feller played for two teams. The Cleavland Indians (which he also GM for) and the Chicago White Sox's

The two teams were the Seattle SuperSonics and the Chicago Bulls who were the winners.

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