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convection happens because fluids become less dense and expand and riseas they are heated.

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Where convection can happen?

convection happens in liquid

Does convection happen in the crust?

No. The crust is rigid; it does not allow convection.

Does convection happen in space?

Heat conduction and convection do not happen in space. They don't happen because in space there is no air. Heat only transfers in space by radiation.

Is a coffie pot a type of convection?

No because convection can only happen in liquids or gases.

What will happen to the convection currents in the mantle if earths interior cools?

the convection currents will sink and rise again when its heated

What causes convection currents to happen in the earth?

Extreme heat from the Earth's interior (the core) cause the convection currents.

In what layer do convection currents happen?

in the upper mantle and asthenosphere (:

How do convection currents happen?

Heat transfer from the core to the mantle produces slow convection of the mantle material this is what fuels planet movement.

What will happen to convection currents if the mantle cools down?

When convection currents when the mantle cools down is the liquid becomes a soild and stops

What will happen if the convection currents in the mantle stop?

The earths crust will stop moving and earthquakes won't happen.

What will happen if the convection currents stopped?

What will happen if the convection currents stopped we will stop getting volcanoes, earthquake, mountains, jelly fish in the ocean, we wouldn't be able to have an thing filled with water, or even boil water.

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