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Q: Why does England through Trinity Church still control the World Financial Center in Manhattan?
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What is the difference between strategic control and financial control?

Define staregic control and financial control

What movie and television projects has Val Nwigwe been in?

Val Nwigwe has: Performed in "Trinity" in 2005. Performed in "Trinity 2" in 2005. Performed in "Political Control" in 2006. Performed in "Political Control 2" in 2006. Performed in "Political Control 3" in 2006.

What is the original name of New York City?

The Native Americans called the Island of Manhattan, "Mannahatta." The Dutch, who were the first Europeans to settle in Manhattan, named it "New Amsterdam." When the English took control in around 1664, they renamed it "New York" after the Duke of York (who received the land as a gift from the King of England).

What countries does england fought to control?

the colonists decided they wanted to be free from England's control, so they fought against England in the what

What are the components of control environment in financial reporting?

there are 3 component of financial environment. there are financial manager, financial markets and investors ( including creditor).

What is financial planning and control?

Financial planning and control is money management. It is the process of appropriating money and ensuring that one remains within a budget.

How did England lose control of the New England colonies?

there was this war and England lost

Which two countries battled for control of Canada?

France and England

What did England use to try to tighten its control over colonial trade?

What did England do to tighten its control over colonial trade

Why did England want to control Ireland?

They took control in 1801

What is the meaning of financial statement level risk?

Financial statement level risks are risks of materials misstatement of the financial statements. These are the same for both audit of financial statements and audit of internal control.

Three internal control objectives for financial reporting?

There are actually four internal control objectives of financial reporting. They are 1) Control Environment 2) Risk Assessment 3) Information and Communication Systems 4) Monitoring. These internal control objectives help aid in presenting financial statements that are free of material misstatements. But just because internal control measures are implemented, doesn't mean people cannot circumvent those controls.

Why financial control need to be changed?

to save money.....

What is a financial system?

Financial system is a system used by organizationÕs management to exercise financial control and accountability. It allows transfer of money between savers and borrowers.

Who was the physicist in charge of the development of the first atomic bomb?

Robert Oppenheimer was in overall control of the "Manhattan Project".

What gave England control over the east coast of America to the Mississippi?


Does Big ben control the time in the whole of England or the whole of the UK?

Big Ben does not control the time in the UK or England. It is replicating the time from Greenwich.

Was William able to keep control of England?

William duke of Normandy was not able to keep control of England, he was constantly being bombarded English forces!

Who fought to free England from Spanish control?

England has never been under Spanish control. An attempt was made by Spain to invade England by sea during the reign of Elizabeth I, (Spanish Armada), but it was unsuccesful.

What is financial control?

able to judge where to pay & not pay

What are some other names of a financial controller?

Financial controllers are also known as comptrollers and Financial Control Officers. This job is centered around managing and overseeing accounting and finances.

Did England ever control Florida?


Is Ireland under control of England?


What classification of accounting is most concerned with the use of economic and financial information to plan and control many of the activities of the entity?

financial accounting

Who gained control of the channel of water between England and France and the North Sea?

It's was England who gained control by defeating the French fleet of the cost of the Netherlands.