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Why does George Lopez remarks about Eric Estrada?

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Because ,as a youth he wanted to shake Eric Estrada's hand in admiration,but Estrada refused. Please remember Estrada was at the height of his popularity at the time, and was just a little stuck on himself , but it was a hurtful thing for a young Hispanic boy, as Geoge Lopez was at the time. I hope they get together and work this out.

The cast of Looking for My Brother - 2006 includes: Danielle Hartnett as Alejandra Estrada Dufflyn Lammers as Maria Estrada Ivo Lopez as Inspector Merlos Nevin Millan as Marcelo Estrada Eduardo Ricard as Juan Bolego Eric Rubin as Soldier James Runcorn as Castel Loretta Shenosky as Protestor

Yes, he has had one for several years now.

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On the Up - 2007 War Update Eric Estrada Star 1-38 was released on: USA: 20 April 2007

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CHIPS Ponch was played by Eric Estrada in CHIPS.

Last time that i checked... He was smoking Pole for Crack Rocks

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He was seriously injured filming an episode for Season 3. But the accident was not included in the episode.

George and Eric always remained friends. They even toured together. As for Eric wooing and marrying George's wife, George commented: "Better him than some dope."

yes he does he likes mariah estrada, marisela becerra, sara garcia, kramryn wilson.

Carlos' dad is played Eric Estrada who played Ponch in the T.V. show 'CHiPs'.

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