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Why does Huckleberry Finn not get along with Miss Watson and Widow Douglas in 'The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn'?



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Huck Finn

Huck is a child of the country, therefore he is uncivilized, unschooled and he has a childlike way of cutting to the heart of a subject. The Widow Douglas and Miss Watson are kindly older women who are of the upper levels of society. As they take Huck in and try to civilize him it goes against his very wild nature. Neither party really understood the other, nor tries to. One wanted change and the other refused to.

Also, Widow Douglas and Miss Watson represent some of the hypocrisies of society. Huck sees the widow chewing tobacco, and yet is not allowed to smoke. Miss Watson does the exact things that she is teaching her children not to do. Huck is a very logical child, and he hates these hypocrisies.