Why does Islam have a terrorist mentality?

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December 29, 2014 6:55PM

This question makes an implicit assumption which is incorrect;

Islam does not have a "terrorist mentality". The religious

structure of Islam is not designed to promote terrorism. Most

Muslims behave indistinguishably from Non-Muslims on most key

life-issues, such as work relationships, education, sports

affiliations, socializing, etc.

That being said, the doctrines of Islam, particularly the holy

Islamic struggle of Jihad, make Islam much more malleable to

supporting terrorism and violence against civilians than most other

religions. (This is not to say that Christianity, Judaism,

Hinduism, Buddhism, etc. cannot be molded this way (and each has

been), but it takes more doctrinal meddling.) Islam also is not a

unity which allows Muslim terrorist organizations tell their

membership that the fight in which they are engaged is properly

guided and anyone who opposes them is not properly guided.

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