Why does Israel want the West Bank?

Israel as a nation does not want the West Bank of the Jordan.

Some Israelis want the West Bank to be included in Israel because they believe it is part of the lands they believe were granted to the Jews by their God.

Other Israelis do not want the West Bank as part of Israelis, because the large population of Palestinians would tend over time top make Israel a multi-ethnic state, rather than a Jewish state.

In our small piece of time, the West Bank is prominent for 2 main reasons:

-- Until there is peace with the Palestinian government, Israel must maintain a buffer area, just to increase the difficulty of missile firing and individual entry into Israel.

-- There is no formal international boundary between Israel and the West Bank. The 'line' is the armistice line, where ground troops happened to be when the armistice took effect in 1949. It was never meant as an international border. It was to be replaced by one, through negotiation that hasn't happened yet. It is not the boundary of "Palestinian territory".