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Italy is considered a peninsula which surrounded by water. The three seas that surround Italy are the adriatic, Mediteranean and the Ionic sea. Therefore, known for the "Gli Azzurri" which is known for the water being blue.

Its because blue is the color that represents the revolution that united Italy

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Do schools in Myanmar have uniforms?

Yes, they do have uniforms. but, their uniforms are white and green in color and traditional costumes.

What color were the union soldiers uniforms?

Union uniforms were a dark blue.

What color was the union uniforms?

blue color material..................

What color was a Union army soldier's uniform during the battle of Fredericksburg?

The Union Army always wore blue uniforms, while the Confederate Army always wore gray uniforms. The Confederate Army, however, were not as wealthy as the Union Army, and therefore couldn't always afford uniforms for all their soldiers. Many Confederates wore their own clothes during combat.

What color was the uniform of the Union soldiers?

Union uniforms were blue; Confederate uniforms were gray.

What was the color of the first Girl Scout uniform?

The first Girl Scout uniforms in America were a dark blue. However, the blue uniforms showed the dust so the uniforms were soon changed to a khaki color.

What color were the dodgers uniforms in 1950?

Home uniforms were white with blue lettering and trim, road uniforms were gray with blue lettering and trim.

What was used to dye RAF uniforms in World war 2?

The color of WW2 RAF uniforms is actually the result of the weave of three colors of yarn, not an actual dyed color. This applies to both the serge wool used on the Other Ranks uniforms as well as for the barathea wool used in officer uniforms. SInce it's not a solid color, there is no particular dye color that will replicate it.

Why don't school uniforms have color?

School Uniforms do have colour, even if they are blcak or grey or white, they are colours.

What color uniforms did the South wear on the Civil War?

The Southern (Confederate) Army wore grey uniforms.

How did the butternut region get its name?

Color of the Confederate uniforms

What color uniforms do the New York Yankees wear?

At home their uniforms are white with navy blue pinstriping. On the road their uniforms are gray with navy blue lettering.

What color uniforms did the south wear in civil war?

Confederate soilders wore gray or yellowish-brown uniforms.

What color where the confederate uniforms in the civil war?

Confederate uniforms in the Civil War (1861-1865) were red.

What color was Pittsburgh Steeler uniforms in 1999?

The same color they are now, black and gold.

What color uniforms are worn in Kung Fu?

There is no standard uniform color in this martial art.

Lucky color in Italy?

The lucky color of Italy is red like on their flag.

Why does Italy wear blue at the Olympics?

Blue is the color used by the House of Savoy, which ruled the kingdom of Italy from 1861-1946. The Italian National Team/Olympic Team was formed during the rule of the House of Savoy and the color has never changed.

What color were Nazi uniforms?

Various types of uniforms (SA, SS, Luftwaffe, Kriegsmarine, Wehrmacht, etc. ) in various colors.

What were the colors of the the confederates uniforms?

The color was butternut, a shade of gray.

What color are the Mets uniforms?

Dodger blue and Giant Orange.

What is the souths uniform color?

The Confederates wore gray uniforms.

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