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she wore it for 1 of her openings but Lady Gaga is always lady gaga trying out new styles.

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Did lady gaga wear a meat dress?

Yes , but it was more of a garmet

Where did lady gaga wear her meat dress?

She wore it at the MTV's VMA event.

Why did lady gaga wear a meat dress?

It is because she want to be different and unique!

Is Lady Gaga good at drawing?

Well,if Lady Gaga can wear a meat dress to a award show,she could probaly draw good.

Does Lady Gaga wear a meat dress?

Lady Gaga wore a meat dress at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards. Today, the dress is in the Women who Rock section on the top floor of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio, USA.

When did Lady Gaga wear her bubble dress?

Lady Gaga wore her bubble dress when she was on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine June 13, 2009.

When did lady gaga wear the bubble dress?

while having sex... lolxz,, ;)

What are some celebrity dress up ideas?

Some celebrity dress up ideas include the meat dress by Lady Gaga. Another celebrity dress up idea is to wear a corset gown like the type Rose wore on the Titanic.

Can you wear lady gaga bows to school?

That would depend entirely... on the dress-code rules for your school !

Why did Lady Gaga wear meat?

because she likes being weird (just as usual) but she thinks it is cool!

What did Lady Gaga wear to a function that caused nausea in the audience?

Lady Gaga wore a dress made from slabs of meat to the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards. This not only caused people to become nauseaous, but it also sparked a controversy across the globe, and had PETA weighing in to criticize Lady Gaga's actions. She stated later in an interview that she wore the meat dress to protest the American military forces' "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy.

What size clothing does Lady Gaga wear?

Lady gaga wears a size six..

What does lady gaga advice to young singers?

Wear dresses made of meat, become a tranny and sing about telephones

What should you wear to a lady gaga concert?

What ever represents the inside you, Cause whatever way you dress, IS THE WAY YOU WERE BORN!!

When did Lady Gaga wear a metal dress?

In her music video for 'Paparazzi' . As well as the performance of 'Poker Face' Live on Jonathan Ross

Did lady gaga wear her hello kitty dress in one of her videos?

No She Hasn't But She May In The Future So Look Out In Her Videos :D

What is the thing which can be eat and wear also?

If your a regular human then it could be a candy necklace or bracelet. But, if your Lady Gaga then it would be a anything on a dress.

Does Lady Gaga wear Low-Crotch Capri Pants?

yes Lady Gaga does wearLow-Crotch Capri Pants

Dressing as Lady Gaga?

Lady Gaga is well-known for her interesting or outrageous clothing styles. Whether it is a dress made out of meat or something a little patriotic, Lady Gaga has worn the outfit. While you might not want to wear the dress made from meat for Halloween, Lady Gaga has some inspiring costume ideas for anyone with an interest in looking like this iconic pop star.The OutfitThe dress or outfit is the first step in creating any Lady Gaga costume. Since she often wears shocking dresses or interesting styles, it is possible to find many of her outfits made into costumes for Halloween. When you want to dress up as Lady Gaga, you first want to determine which outfit you plan to wear.Though it is possible to use any dress she�s worn since the beginning of her career, a few dresses and outfits stand out when looking for a Lady Gaga Halloween costume. The Poker Face swim suit, American Flag, 2009 VMA Performance outfit and Star dress are among the most readily available outfits you can find when looking for a Lady Gaga costume. Some of her more flamboyant dresses, like the meat dress, are not readily available and might be hard to find.Wigs and AccessoriesThe dress or outfit part of the costume is only the beginning. Lady Gaga is not without interesting detailing when she wears a dress and when you dress as her for Halloween, you need to take care of the details as well. Lady Gaga�s hair styles are almost as interesting as her outfits and usually draw as many eyes as the clothes. While you might not have her signature hair for the costume, several Lady Gaga wigs are readily available to match any costume you choose to wear. Whether the outfit calls for straight hair and bangs or a curly bobbed-cut, numerous wigs for Lady Gaga costumes are easy to find.Along with wigs, Lady Gaga costumes often require added accessories to complete the outfit. Common accessories include sunglasses, hair clips or bands, false eyelashes in interesting shapes and styles, jewelry, gloves, face masks and wild makeup. Many of these detailing accessories are easy to find when looking for Lady Gaga costumes, so you will only need to match the right accessories with your costume of choice.Lady Gaga Halloween costumes are sure to become a great hit among your friends and family. These wild, interesting or even odd costumes will make you the life of the party.

Did Lady Gaga wear braces?


Why does Lady Gaga wear unusual clothes?

I think that Lady GaGa just likes to express herself, and she has found that a way to do that is to wear extraordinary clothes.

Why doesn't Lady Gaga wear pants?

Lady Gaga does wear pant's, just not that often. The reason why she doesn't wear pants that often is because she just doesn't want to.

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