Lady Gaga

Why does Lady Gaga wear a wig?

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2011-09-13 23:56:10

She was born a brunette, but wears a whitish wig. I don't know

why she doesn't just keep her natural hair. Weird.


Tht person is right BUT she doesnt dye her hair. She does wear a

blonde wig because it's too much trouble dying hair. Also, the

damage it causes to dye hair tht blonde (bleach blonde) and she

wants ppl to think her blonde hair is natural so, if she went to th

salon, paparazzi would see her.

shes right she wouldn't die her hie whiteish or what ever and

then dye it back brown that's tooo much trouble

Okay, well lady gaga wears a wig because she may not want anyone

to see what her real hair is. Yes she is a natural brunette, but

she wears bleach-blonde wigs.

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