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Why does Major League Baseball not have any female players?

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Ostensibly because there are no female players good enough to play there.

There is no rule, written or unwritten, that says women are not allowed to play professional baseball. Competition is such that certainly if any woman player was good enough to help a Major League team, there would be at least one team willing to incur whatever negatives might come about as a result of adding a female player to the roster.

Although there are not any females that have been signed to major league teams, females have played on minor league teams. The most memorable being Jackie Mitchell, who, in an exhibition game struck out Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig. Unfortunately will not have the chance to strike out Barry Bonds or to hit against Gregg Maddux. Major League Baseball banned the signing of women to contracts on June 21, 1952. (Note: the ban was repealed in 1992)

The other reason you won't see any women in baseball is because with the emerging popularity of softball most women choose to engage in this sport as it is more encouraged for them.

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