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Why does Meggie choose Doria over Farid in Inkdeath?


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August 06, 2011 2:15PM

Just for the record, this is my take on the ending, not everyones. People have different opinions.

At the end of the series, Meggie decides on Doria because she says she doesn't feel the same about Farid anymore. Yes, they have had interest in each other since the series began, yet her heart doesn't quicken it's pace when she says his name, or even when she's face to face with him. Dustfinger always came first, even though Farid was infatuated with her Meggie too from the start. I believe she also took into account the lack of attention and time she received from Farid in the final book.

Now Doria is a different story. Ever since he met Meggie in Inkdeath he has done everything in his power to help Meggie and keep her happy. I think Meggie needs someone strong and brave who truly cares about her. That's why I was happy she chose Doria in the end.

Besides, what would happen to the story about the clever inventive Doria and his beautiful inspiring wife? :)