Why does Mexico having a lot of population?

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Because Mexico is one of the largest countries in the Americas (5th) and during the Green Revolution of 1945, Mexico achieved food self-sufficiency due to improved crop quality, specially for maize and wheat. Also, during the second half of the 20th century, much improvements in health (specifically children vaccinations, which became universal) allowed for a demographic explosion that lasted until early 1990's

Right now Mexico is entering the "transition" phase, where population growth is slowly halting and most population is reaching the 25-35 years old threshold.
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What is the population of Mexico?

Current population for Mexico is 130,745,337 (mid-2017 est.),ranking 10th worldwide. Following are the figures of population for Mexico, according topast census and estimates 1950-2050: 1950: 25,791,017 (1950 Census) 1955: 32,930,000 1960: 34,923,129 (1960 Census) 1965: 45,142,000 1970: 48,225,238 ( Full Answer )

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Do they have a lot of homework in Mexico?

I think they have to go back home to work half way through the day, as in the job kind of work, such as blacksmithing silverware and agriculture.

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Are there lots of books poems and stories in Mexico?

Of course there are. The literature of Mexico is one of the most prolific and influential of the Spanish language along the literatures of Spain, Argentina and Cuba. Mexico's literature had its beginnings in the stories, poems and legends of the ancient Maya and Aztec civilizations. Some ex ( Full Answer )

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Why do Mexicos houses have lots of windows?

To have good lighting and allow more natural heat in the house during winter months; also on summer months those windows are opened to take advantage of the summer breeze. Electricity is expensive in Mexico, and many people can't afford air-conditioning systems, so they use the least expensive, most ( Full Answer )

Is Mexico a sparsley populated country?

Not Really. There are sparsely populated regions within Mexico, such as the Sonoran and Chihuahuan deserts on the north and along the Mexican mountain ranges, known as Sierra Madre Occidental, Sierra Madre Oriental and Sierra Madre del Sur. The rest of the country is denser, with 54.92 people per sq ( Full Answer )

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Is there a lot of eye contact in Mexico?

Yes. People who don't make eye contact when talking to other people are seen as shy or dishonest (as he/she has something to hide).

Why is there a lot of tourism in Mexico City?

It is a pretty large city which acts as the cultural, economic and political capital of Mexico. It is filled with museums, historic places and other attractions such as restaurants and bars. Think of Mexico City as the Mexican version of New York and Washington combined.

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becasue if their was no population then the country, city, or state would run out of money casue they need enough people to work so the debt wont go down.

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What does Albuquerque New Mexico have a lot of?

There are a lot of shopping malls inAlbuquerque, New Mexico. ABQ Uptown , Coronado Center, CottonwoodMall, and Winrock Center are shopping malls in Albuquerque.

Does Mexico have a lot of water?

Yes, but it is unevenly distributed among its territories. The northern portion of Mexico is much drier, covered by the Sonoran and Chihuahuan deserts; central Mexico has a temperate climate, while southern Mexico is quite humid, covered by dense rainforests.

Is 8 kids a lot to be having?

Whether or not 8 kids is a lot to have is subjective. Families with 8 children would normally be considered large. If you can support 8 kids financially, emotionally, etc., it is not out of the question.

Is Mexico having daylight saving time?

Some parts of Mexico observe daylight savings time; some don't. I suggest the Date and Time web site for specifics. In general terms however, Mexico's daylight saving time starts on the first Sunday of April and ends on the last Sunday of October.

Is Mexico having money problems?

It depends on how you define "money problems". It has poverty and Mexico is defined as a "developing country", but it is in much better shape than say, Brazil, South Africa, India or China.

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Gerbils only produce minimal waste as they are desert animals. This means you only have to clean their tank once every two months.

Is there a lot of jobs available in Mexico?

Compared against other countries and regions around the world, yes,there are many jobs available. You should note however, thatspecific jobs are more available than others.

Are there a lot of Lebanese in Mexico?

Yes. Mexico has traditionally welcomed immigrants and refugees from conflicted areas throughout the world. Middle Eastern Mexicans are the result of such policies; right now this ethnic group makes up to 1% (1.1 million) of the Mexican population. Most " Arab Mexicans " trace their origins to Le ( Full Answer )

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Does Mexico have a lot of farms?

Mexico is widely believed to be an arid country, but this is not the case. It has a vast territory, where almost 12% is used for agriculture. This means 232,761 square kilometers (89,869 sq mi), which are almost the size of the whole United Kingdom , are used to grow food and cash crops.

What forest in Mexico rains a lot?

The Lacandon jungle in southeastern Mexico is such place. 17%(335,334 sq km / 129,473 sq mi) of Mexico's territory - roughly thesize of Finland or New Mexico - is rain-forest.

Does Mexico have a lot of buildings in it?

Yes. 80% of Mexico's population lives in the city, inhabitingbuildings from small family homes to large residential complexesand skyscrapers. See the related links section for some examples.

How did Mexico feel about Americans having slaves?

The general population didn't really know what was going on in theUnited States at the time -- remember, Internet and CNN didn'texist 150 years ago. However, when Mexico became independent ofSpain in 1821, slavery was banned. It wasn't until 1830 that theConstitution had an emancipation law written ( Full Answer )

What stuff do you trade a lot with Mexico?

It depends on who "you" are. Each country trades different thingswith Mexico. For example, the most traded item between Mexico andthe United States is machinery, electrical equipment and parts;with Canada it would be electrical machinery and motor vehicles;with the Philippines it would be semiconduc ( Full Answer )

Why do Mexico and Texas trade a lot?

Because Texas (and California as well) are the most importanteconomic entities within the United States, accounting for almost22% of the country's economy. See, if each state was its owncountry, the largest business partners of Mexico would be Texas,California, and China; in that order.

Does Mexico have a lot of beaches?

Yes. With 9,330 kilometers (5,798 miles) of coast along the Pacific Ocean, Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea, Mexico is one of the most popular international tourist destinations in the world, and first in Latin America.

Does Mexico have a lot of trees?

A large part of Mexico is covered by forests of many kinds, including boreal, temperate and subtropical highland forests: roughly 17% of its territory, or the size of Finland or New Mexico are considered as such.