Why does Michigan have tornadoes?

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Same reason all other places have tornadoes. They can occur in all 50 states. In Michigan, they are most common in lower MI.
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What is a tornado?

A tornado is a violent, whirling windstorm that crosses land ina narrow path. It can result from wind shear and updrafts inside athunderstorm. The usual form is a funnel-shaped cloud withdestructive spinning winds, that descends from a cloud to theground over a relatively short period of time. Powe ( Full Answer )

Does Michigan have tornadoes?

Yes. Michigan has about 15 tornadoes each year on average. Three ofthese tornadoes have been rated F5, including the Flint, Michigantornado of 1953 which was one of the deadliest in U.S. history.

When is tornado season in Michigan?

There is no official tornado season, however activity is generallyhighest in the months of May through July, peaking in June. Asclimates shift over time from decade to decade, so does the tornadoseason.

Where is Michigan?

North of Ohio! It is the only state surrounded by lakes. East of the Missisipi. In the Great Lakes Region of the United States of America. To the North of Michigan it is Canada Michigan consists of two peninsulas, which are not connected to each other by land Try this map, Michigan is the ( Full Answer )

What to do for a tornado?

if you are around when a tornado attacks geat under a hevy piece of furnite ei.table and protect your head!!!!!!

What do you do when there is a tornado?

You go in the basement and find something storey to hid under. you should not panic and remember all the things you need to do especially find a place where you can be safe ...

What is in a tornado?

A tornado is made up of violently rotating air. It often contains moisture that has condensed as well as dust and sometimes debris that the tornado has picked up.

Has there ever been an F5 tornado in Michigan?

Yes. There have been three F5 tornadoes in Michigan: the Cass Citytornado of 1905, the Flint tornado of 1953 (one of the deadliest inU.S. history) and the Grand Rapids tornado of 1956.

What does a tornado do to you?

A tornado can damage or destroy your property. Depending on where you are and how strong the tornado is you may be struck by flying or falling debris, crushed by falling trees and collapsing buildings, or picked up and thrown. All of these can result in injury or death.

Does Michigan usually have Tornadoes?

not as much as in oklahom obviously but Michigan definitely has enough severe weather (including tornadoes) to keep things interesting.

What to do after a tornado?

First, when you're out of your Hiding Place, search for ANY family member(s), then wait intill Fire-Trucks, Police Cars, etc. arrives, and then ask them to dig ANY family member that is underneth.. There's not much to do after this

Where was the worst tornado in Michigan?

Michigan's worst tornado struck the town of Flint on June 8, 1953 killing 116 people, marking it has the tenth deadliest tornado in U.S. history. The tornado reached F5 intensity, the highest rating on the Fujita scale.

What do you do after a tornado?

Say " YES, I'M ALIVE"! make sure everything is OK if your house didn't get damaged by the tornado stay inside don't touch downed power lines they can shock you leave fluids alone and don't go in a damaged house or building until it is safe hope this helps

Has there ever been a tornado in Michigan?

Yes. Michigan gets tornadoes every year. The worst tornado inMichigan history was an F5 that devastated portions of Flint andBeecher on June 8, 1953, killing 116 people.

What do you do if you are in a Tornado?

You should immediately take cover. If you are driving and you see a tornado, do not try to outrun it. Get out of the car and get into the nearest ditch possible. If there is no ditch, curl up in a ball and cover your head near some shelter. If you are at school, go to the hallway where there are n ( Full Answer )

Has a tornado ever hit Michigan?

Yes, Michigan has had tornadoes as strong as F5 on the Fujita scale and averages 13 tornadoes every year.

What Tornadoes can do to you?

injure you . cause permanent disorders like deafness . leave people homeless or in poverty . they cause death

What can you do about tornadoes?

Take cover...and fast. Not sure about your question. Tornadoes will be tornadoes. As I said before take cover. I've always been taught to get into a closet. Or get into a bathtub with a mattress on top of you.

What are tornadoes and what can they do?

A tornado is a violently rotating column of air extending from thebase of a thunderstorm to the ground, often made visible by acondensation funnel. The powerful winds and flying debris in atornado are capable of cause severe damage to trees and property.Damage can range from broken tree limbs and mi ( Full Answer )

When was the deadliest tornado in Michigan?

The deadliest tornado in Michigan History was the Flint, MichiganF5 tornado. It hit on June 8, 1953, killing 115. It was also thetenth deadliest tornado in U.S. history.

What will you do if there a tornado?

If you mean for safety the best thing to to is go to the basement or underground storm shelter if you have one. If you can't get to underground shelter get to the lowest floor and find a room or closet in the center of the building. A bathroom often provides good shelter. If possible cover yoursel ( Full Answer )

Will you have a tornado?

yes every year a place have a tornado and its possibility that your hometown is the target

Do a lot of tornadoes happen in Michigan or sometimes?

Michican gets its fair share of tornadoes. Compared to otherstates, it is close to the median. It usually gets between a dozenand two dozen tornadoes per year, but has seen a few majoroutbreaks.

Do tornadoes form in Michigan?

Yes, tornadoes are fairly common in Michigan. Most notable was the Flint, Michigan tornado of June 8, 1953. This F5 tornado killed 116 people, ranking it as one of the deadliest in U.S. history and the last U.S. tornado to kill more than 100 people.

What type of tornadoes form in Michigan?

As with most regions, most Michigan tornadoes are supercell tornadoes. If you mean the most Fuijta ratings, tornadoes of all Fujita scale ratings, F0 to F5 have hit Michigan, though as with all places, the greatest portion are F0.

What do have to do when is a tornado?

If your in a house, get to a room with no windows(closet,bathroom,etc.). If your outside,get in a ditch(make sure it has no water in it). You can also get in a storm celler if you choose.

Can a tornado occur in Michigan?

Yes, tornadoes are not uncommon in Michigan which averages about 17 tornadoes per year some of these have been especially destructive.

Will there be a tornado?

There will certainly be tornadoes in the future, hundreds of them happen every year. But there is no way of knowing exactly where or when they will occur.

When will there be a tornado and where?

The weather is unpredictable, so even tornadoes can't be predicted. A tornado can be generated at this time in any place on earth whereconditions are favorable. The places where you have the greatest chance to see thesephenomena are the U.S.A. (mainly inTornado Alley), Canada, northernMexico, Argent ( Full Answer )

When do tornadoes occur in Michigan?

Tornadoes have been recorded in Michigan in every month except December. However the majority of tornado activity in Michigan occurs in late spring and summer with June being the peak month.

When did a tornado hit East Jordan Michigan?

The largest tornado in the East Jordan area was an F4 storm in 1956 that caused 24 injuries and 2 deaths. Generally, the East Jordan area is relatively free from tornadoes.

Will there be a tornado in Michigan this year?

There alread have been. As of July 18, 2013 Michigan has had sixrecorded tornadoes. There will prbably be a few more before the endof the year, though there is no way of knowing where or when theywill hit. Michigan has tornadoes every year.

Why doesn't Michigan have tornadoes?

Michigan does have tornadoes. On average Michigan gets about 15tornadoes per year, but most are weak in will receive littleattention beyond local news. The last tornado in Michigan to becovered by the national news was an EF3 that caused significantdamage in the town of Dexter on March 15, 2012. The ( Full Answer )

Can there be a tornado in Michigan in December?

If it is, it is highly unlikely. No tornado has been recorded inMichigan since official records began in 1950. This should not betaken as ab absolute no, however, since as recently as last year,Nebraska had its first ever February tornadoes on record, andtornadoes have hit Michigan in November and J ( Full Answer )

Can Michigan get a tornado?

Yes. On average Michigan is hit by about 15 tornadoes per year.Most of these tornadoes are weak, but strong ones do occur. Threetornadoes in Michigan history were strong enough to be rated F5.

When will we have a tornado?

It is impossible to answer this question for two reasons: . It is impossible to predict when a location will next be hit bya tornado unless that tornado will strike in the next few minutes. . Even if such predictions were possible, you do not provide anyinformation on your location. For informa ( Full Answer )