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Why does Ohio limit the purchase of only 3 deer tags per season?


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Every state has a limit because they don't want all of the deer to be killed.


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Whitetail deer are the only native deer found in Ohio.

The rutting season for deer is pretty much over. Deer are losing their antlers in mid-January. Walking in the woods where deer are known to frequent may lead to discovery of their shed antlers at this time of year.

Whitetail Deer in Ohio start to rut the first week in November.

Yes! Ohio is a great state for Whitetail deer hunting.

there are 1,6020 deers in Ohio

The whitetail deer is sometimes referred to as Ohio deer.

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During 2008, there were three types of deer hunting seasons in Ohio, i.e. gun, muzzleloader and bow. There were two gun seasons. The first was 1-7 Dec 08 and the last one was 20-21 Dec 08. See my hunting website for more details at URL:

When dose deer season start in oklahoma

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The rut happens in the fall-usually during the deer hunting season!

i would limit deer hunting to at least one or two deer a year.

Deer fly season lasts about four or five weeks in June and July.

Deer being hit by cars is very common. The state of Ohio sees over 20,000 incidents of deer hit by automobiles each year.

It's in the mating season for deer

no but if its deer hunting season then yes

No one knows for sure, but the white tailed deer is common there.

mating season is in the fall.

Deer hunting season in Virginia in November 15th- January 3rd.

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Dogs and deer live in Ohio. Ducks live in Ohio.

Deer season has started just not for guns for bows but gun season starts the 15 or november

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It is legal for a deer to be chased by a dog out of season. However, for a person to expressly go out and let his dog run deer down is not legal.

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