Why does turkey put you to sleep?

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Just a full stomach makes many people sleepy, but turkey in particular contains triptophan with sometimes has the effect of a very mild sedative.
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Was the RCA dog put to sleep?

Nipper, the RCA dog, died of old age in September of 1895 when he was about 11 years old.

Why should you put your pet to sleep?

Because pets might have disease that you might can't cure and if you let them touch you or bite you,then you might have to get rushed to the hospital and when you put them to sleep then you'll be save from your dogs health problem.

How do they put dogs to sleep?

Very gently. They give the dog a shot that puts them actually to sleep before they add the ingredient that shuts down the dogs body functions. There is no pain for the dog. In fact I have had to have three put to sleep and was there holding the dogs head each time as they went to sleep. Remember all ( Full Answer )

Where do turkeys sleep?

Wild turkeys usually sleep on low branches. If the the hen has chicks, she will stay on the ground with them.

Do wild turkeys sleep in trees?

Yes! They definitely do. I live in NEPA and around dawn about 2 weeks ago my husband and I were having coffee and we started seeing turkeys dive bombing out of the trees. It was quite interesting. Then just on Christmas Eve, I was home early from work and around 4:30 right before the sun went down, ( Full Answer )

Do turkeys sleep upside down?

No. If you see any turkeys hanging upside down, and quite still, they are probably not sleeping.

How do you put your tamagotchi to sleep?

you cant put it to sleep. it goes to sleep by itself but you can take the battery out and the screen will shut off and when you want to play with your pet again, put the battery back in and press download instead of reset and you can play with your tamagotchi. Does that help?

How do you put babies to sleep?

You can swaddle your baby and rock your baby, you can sing to your baby, you can put them in there crib and give them a bottle! Hope one of those help!

What do you call when an animal is put to sleep?

Its when your pet dies by a vetranarian puts a shot into the animal and it falls asleep and never wakes up (uthinize). That was the bad thing. There is another one where the animal needs surgery and needs to fall asleep to do so.

How can you Put a dog to sleep?

If you are referring to putting a dog down or ending it's life due to illness or other reasons the most common way is to take the dog to a veterinarian and have them do it. If you mean how to get a dog to go to sleep you are on your own. Dogs will sleep when they are tired or bored; if they are n ( Full Answer )

When is it time to put your dog to sleep?

You'll be able to tell when looking into your dog's eyes. His/her eyes will look dull, meaning that his/her time is almost up. If you believe your dog is suffering more than living, it is time to say goodbye. It's never easy.

When do turkeys sleep?

Turkeys rest during the night on their roosting trees. Right before dark, they fly up. Right before day break, they fly down.

Where do wild turkey sleep?

Wild turkey roost in trees. The "roost" is known as where wild turkey sleep. The turkey will roost near sundown, and fly down from the roost around or right after sunup.

Which way to put in turkey?

I prefer breast-side down, because then all the juices flow to the front, and that is where the bulk of the meat is, anyway. Then all the white meat is nice and juicy.

Can turkey be put in freezer?

Turkey can be frozen both before and after cooking. To freeze before cooking, leave it sealed in the wrapper it came in and just stick it in the freezer. However, many turkeys are frozen before you buy them, and you need to get it home and in the freezer as quickly as possible. To thaw a frozen tur ( Full Answer )

Do people put turkey dressing in turkey soup?

You can put little bits of dressing in your soup if you like...it's your soup, you can do anything you want. But the soup won't be ruined if you toss some dressing in it while cooking, not too much. The dressing will largely dissolve but the flavor of dressing will remain and the soup will have more ( Full Answer )

Can you put turkeys with poultry?

You can't raise turkeys and chickens together, as turkeys are so susceptable to disease. Keep turkey poults separate from any other animal.

Where do turkey vultures sleep?

At night, Turkey Vultures roost communally, joining together about an hour before sunset to sleep in tall trees, houses, buildings, silos or on towers. They maintain fidelity to their roosting sites, passing on the location from generation to generation.

What makes you sleep after you eat turkey for dinner?

Turkey contains tryptophan which enables serotonin production, which can convert to melatonin, which makes us sleepy. It is believed tryptophan- a natural biochemical found in turkey, makes you sleepy. But, the truth is that the amount of tryptophan is so small it would barely have an effect on you ( Full Answer )

Do turkeys sleep standing up?

Well, apparently they do because I have seen my 3 week old turkey in a standing position with it's head hanging and asleep twice today. It looks weird! lol

Why did namine put Sora to sleep?

Namine put Sora to sleep because as he walked into Castle Oblivion (A strange castle that causes visitors to lose their memories) Sora lost his memories. Sora is the keyblade weilder. (the keyblade is a weapon that can entinguish dark creaturs called heartless and create Kingdom Hearts through them) ( Full Answer )

What does put to sleep mean for dogs?

it means that u are putting your dog down forever and u wont see them again its kind of hard to explain vets usually ask u if u want to do it if it has cancer or old age something like that

What happens to animals put to sleep?

they are given an overdose which slowly kills them It is said that cats that are taken to shelters are immediately put to death by having the air sucked from their lungs. I have stroked my pets as they are helped to heaven by the vet who uses an injection which clearly causes no discomfort and t ( Full Answer )

Does it hurt a dog to get put to sleep?

It does not hurt the dog when the Veterinarian gives the dog the final injection. It is just an overdose of a sedation. They just go to sleep peacefully but it is permanent. Now it does hurt our hearts a lot though when we lose our best friends.

Can they put you to sleep while you get your braces?

Nope, sorry you're going to have to keep opening your mouth and working with the orthodontist. Don't worry its really not anything that's so bad you need to be put to sleep for anyhow.

How come they can put animals to sleep and not put people to sleep?

"It is a Question of DEGREEs".. Actually they do put people to sleep as well as animals.... Animals are put to sleep as a last resort to ease their suffering when no other means of treatment will work and their death is unavoidable.. People have much of the same options as with a Living Will a ( Full Answer )

When you are put to sleep can you dream?

You can't make yourself dream, but you do dream every night. 30% of your sleep is dreaming, that's why you can't usually remember your dreams.

Where do the put the animal's body after they put them to sleep?

If you take the poor animal to a vet, they'll ask you if you want the body. If you take it, you can do whatever you want with it, but if you let the vet keep it because it is just too painful to say goodbye to your little friend, they'll probably throw it away (sorry if that was a little insensitive ( Full Answer )

What is that gas called that puts you to sleep?

CARBON MONOXIDE WILL KILL YOU! Please DO NOT inhale it. Answer: According to WebMD (see attached link), intravenous anesthetics include fentanyl, propofol, and sodium thiopental. Inhalation anesthetics include isoflurane and nitrous oxide. [Nitrous oxide is the "laughing gas" that dentists use.]

What food well put you to sleep?

Any large meal may make you feel sleepy. This is because blood needs to be sent to the stomach to help digest the food.

How do you put a mac to sleep?

You can set a Mac to automatically go to sleep after a period of inactivity from the Energy section of System Preferences; or select Sleep from the Apple menu; or set a Hot Corner from the Desktop section of System Preferences; or click on the Sleep button on the Log In screen; or press the power bu ( Full Answer )

Why are greyhounds put to sleep?

A lot of reasons. It could be sick or extremely injured or it could have attacked someone or be to aggressive to be re-homed if it is at a shelter.

How do you people put dogs to sleep?

They put the dog on a table and inject medicine into it. Putting animals to sleep when they are old is good because they die peacefully and do not go through the suffering when dying of old age. They go to sleep and never wake back up. It is good to put a dog to sleep when he is very very sick and t ( Full Answer )

How can you put a rabbit to sleep?

when a your rabbits eyes start blinking 5 to many then you know its sleepy specially if you had been playing around with it out of its cage.YOU NEED to put it in its cage when it start closing its eyes.It takes about 12 hours to it to wake up if its really tired,if not itll take s/he about half of 1 ( Full Answer )

Where can you get animals put to sleep free?

If you have a good relationship with your regular veterinarian, they may perform a euthanasia service without charging you directly. They would still have to pay for the pharmaceuticals they use, but it would come out of their pocket...not yours. Another option may be your local animal shelter. Eve ( Full Answer )

Why do people put gravy on their turkey?

Most generally people put gravy on their turkey for added flavor and moistness. It has also become a habit to serve gravy with certain dishes and turkey is one of them.

Can they put you a sleep during a piersing?

not unless they have an aenastesiologist on hand and they cost a lot of money to hire. Putting a person to sleep requires a lot of care as it can be dangerous.

What sound can put you to sleep?

White noise i s believed to be able to help someone sleep. Itis similar to the sound of rain or rushing water. Machines can bepurchased to generate this type of sound or recordings can bepurchased of such sounds that can be used to help lull someone tosleep.