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The reason we use "qu" relates to Latin, but also to the Norman French, who conquered England in 1066. In addition to ruling the land, they also changed the spelling of English to suit them better. Previously, "kw" sounds were not spelled with "qu"; in fact, most of them were actually spelled "cw". (For example, the word queen was often spelled "cwén"). Since the letter "w" is essentially an invention of the Germanic language speakers, the Normans found it confusing and barbaric. In addition, though, many words with "qu" are loan words from French or Latin anyway, so the spelling was inherited along with it. Also, it's worth mentioning that even within English, "qu" represents many different sounds; for example "kw", "k" (as in plaque), etc.

As for why q is always written with a u in Latin itself, I'm not exactly sure. The "u" part is actually the easiest to understand, as its pronunciation approximates the glide sound that "w" represents in the "kw" cluster. What's harder to understand is why Latin chose to have 2 separate symbols for the "k" sound (the other is c; they never used "k"). It's also amusing that English adopted all 3 symbols (q, c, and k). One of those accidents of history, I guess.

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Q: Why does U always follow Q?
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its because of phonetics q always contains the sound of u. q isn't a full consonant it takes u with it. so while making words q is always accompanied by u

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No, Q does not always have a U after it. However, the words in which Q is followed by another letter are often of non-English origin, such as the countries Qatar or Iraq, or the Chinese name Qi. StudyStudent: Yes but in English terms 'u' always follows 'q'.

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Yes, Q is generally followed by U.

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The U is generally a vowel in most circumstances, and U can rarely be a consonant. In English, the Q always needs a U afterwards and the Q can't be by itself. When you have a Q, it's always written as QU. The U after the Q is a consonant because Q can't be by itself in English. In other cases, U is generally a vowel.

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It is a convention, as are all rules of spelling.

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In virtually every word of English origin, q is followed by u. There are exceptions for words we use that are not English. Qatar and Iraqi are examples. Because English is a creolized language, there are exceptions to almost every rule, as people learning English as a second language know.

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The letter Q always precedes the letter U, so there is probably no English word with all of those in it.

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Without spending too much time breaking my skull over this question,my guess is that no word can be made from these letters.I base this conclusion on the observations that:-- There are only 2 vowels for a total of 10 letters-- Although two of the letters are 'Q', and 'Q' is always followed by 'U' in English,no 'U' is given.

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