Valentine's Day

Why does Valentine's Day refer to love from Saint Valentine?


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Saint Valentine of Rome is the patron saint of lovers.

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Saint valentine gave us valentines day which is a day when one can express there love for another via cards or flowers or a romantic gesture

The Valentine in Valentines Day is in represenation of St Valentine the patron St of love.

Valentines day originated because on the 14th of February St Valentine the patron saint of Love was beheaded for marrying christian couples when in this area and era it was illegal to help Christian's.

Yes he is, he caused all this Valentines day stuff, hence being the patron Saint of Love. Really when you think about it any Saint must be important.

The valentines cherub is an angel representing love.

Valentines day is on February the 14th and is celebrated because a saint, named saint Valentine was in jail and while he was there he fell in love with the jailers daughter who was blind & on the day that he was suppose to be hanged, February the 14th, he sent one last love letter to the jailers daughter signed from your Valentines and that is why people write your valentines at the end of there cards and why its celebrated.

"Saint of Love" usually refers to Saint Valentine of Rome.

The patron saint of love is St.Valentine. St. Valentine of Rome is considered the patron saint of those in love.

St. Valentine is the patron saint of love and happy marriages. Valentine was a holy priest in Rome, and is also the patron saint of young people.

St. Valentine is the patron saint of love and happy marriages. He is also the patron saint of greetings. St. Valentine was executed on February the 14th.

The patron saints of love and lovers are:Dwynwen Nicholas of Myra Raphael the Archangel Valentine of Rome

St. Valentine of Rome is considered the patron saint of those in love.

The feast of Saint Valentine of Rome is February 14.

Valentines day dosent have to be abput relationships. it can be a friendly love. People most often get a valentine (that they dont love) because theyre just good friends

Saint Valentine (in Latin, Valentinus) is the name of several martyred saints of ancient Rome.Cupid was a Roman god of love.

St. Valentine of Rome is the patron saint of engaged couples.

Valentine's Day, the time when love is in the air, is named after this saint.

St Valentine, The Patron Saint of Love.

St. Valentine Patron Saint of Love, Young People, Happy Marriages

yes you should its valentines day share the love

Well, people didn't actually love saint valentine. They just liked him because in his time it was against the law to marry and he married people anyway (he was a priest). Also, he would write people's love letters since people didn't know how to write. So when people wanted to marry or give a love letter they would go to saint valentine.

St Valentine, Patron Saint of Love.

St. Valentine, the Patron Saint of Love. <3

Stands strong for what he believes in. ☺

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