Why does Yahoo use Linux?

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Linux is a very common platform for websites and applications that run them. It is popular because it has a very good track record with security, performs well on almost all types of hardware and workloads, and can be had at a much lower cost than Windows.
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I don't understand Yahoo Answers Community Guidelines or Terms of Service Does Yahoo have a problem with using Linux as an answer to computer problems They got mad at me.?

Yahoo does not have a problem with recommending suggesting, or even mentioning Linux. What they have a problem with is people posting "answers" that are not actually helpful to the asker. Answers like "Use Linux" for a problem someone has with getting a program to work on Windows is not considered a ( Full Answer )

Use of 'kill'command in Linux?

The 'kill' command sends a signal to a given process. By default without any options it will send the TERM (terminate) signal. Other options may include the KILL signal which forcbly terminates a process without waiting. As far as USR1 and USR2 signals it depends on the kind of application that is i ( Full Answer )

Can iChat be used with Yahoo messenger?

Answer . No. To use Yahoo, you'll have to get either Yahoo's official messenger, or a third-party client like Adium (http://adiumx.com) or PSI (http://psi-im.org).. If you have a jabber account with a Yahoo transport you can setup PSI or other jabber client to register with that account and then ( Full Answer )

What is Linux used for?

Linux is used for a variety of purposes. It is used on many servers (such as web servers and file hosting), as well as desktops and laptops. Linux is also popular in embedded systems like cell phones, ATMs, kiosks, televisions, Blu-Ray players, intelligent printers, and onboard car computers.

Can you use Yahoo with hotmail?

i think you just add a contact like you normally would, so;. on yahoo you could add example@hotmail.co.uk

What is the top command used for in Linux?

Basically, it lets you know what your computer is busy with. Comparison can be made to the 'process' portion of the windows task manager, but with more functionality..

Use of 'FG'command in Linux?

To resume a command, process, application that has been previous suspended. Most commonly used when a command has been executed and suspended (executed with '&' at the end of the command). You may also suspend execution of a program with CTRL-Z (^Z) . Example . $> top & [1]+ 26637 $> top ( Full Answer )

What is the use of physical address in Linux?

The physical address is the memory block where things are stored during use. Linux uses physical to virtual and virtual to physical to access the Linux kernel and user work space. For more information you can check these web sites:. Andries Brouwer's Linux Kernel Notes: http://www.win.tue.nl/~aeb/l ( Full Answer )

How do you use Yahoo Answers?

Why would you want to use a second rate site?. you are much better using WikiAnswers.

How can you use a Zune on Linux?

Currently, it is not possible to use a Zune with Linux. The Zune was required to use special software to sync music to and from it, in order to ensure DRM protection. The protcol for it has not yet been completely reverse-engineered.

Why do I have to use Linux?

You are free to run whatever operating system you like on your computer. A few employers may use Linux on their computers because they find it to be more cost-effective or better suited to their needs. Some mobile phones were designed to run Linux in order to make them cheaper; there is no practical ( Full Answer )

How do you use Linux?

Linux, like Windows, is an advanced operating system, and it's usage cannot be explained in a single paragraph, and probably not an entire page. I'll only try to provide the most basic instructions on how to operate a typical Linux system. Commands that you can use on the command line: cd - ( Full Answer )

Can you use hot mail with Yahoo?

hi ....sure u can use yahoo and hotmail at the same time because they are differents than each other

Can I talk with Yahoo Messenger in Ubuntu Linux?

The Linux / Unix version of Yahoo! Messenger is terribly outdated, and probably won't even connect. The Windows version does not run well, even under Wine. However, there are native clients you can use to connect, such as Pidgin or Kopete.

Where can you use Linux?

Anywhere and everywhere. Linux is used worldwide on desktops, workstations, servers, and embedded devices. It is even used in some satellites.

How old do you have to be to use Yahoo Answers?

Yahoo Answers is restricted to those age 13 and older, according to the Community Guidelines of that site. However, users younger than that are known to use the site, either by accessing it through family members or by providing false information when signing up.

What is the use of Yahoo?

Yahoo! provides Internet communication services such as Yahoo! Messenger and Yahoo! Mail. In March 2007, Yahoo! announced that their e-mail service would offer unlimited storage beginning May 2007. [15]

Is yahoo answers useful?

It was useful but people have been saying things like "find outyourself, that is what school is for, do the math" and it isn't ashigh as it used to be anymore. Answers.com is by far the best placeto find your answers.

Why do people use Linux?

Many people use Linux simply because they like to try new things, and what is newer than a whole new operating system. Other people like freedom to do what they want with their computer. This works for them because Linux can be molded and made into whatever you want. The Linux kernel and most of the ( Full Answer )

Why is yahoo using servers in Taiwan?

Def phishing attempt, try run malware bytes and see if have malwareonboard...after too download and run ccleaner to clean registry andmake sure you have latest updates and java etc, after cleaned andupdated then rebooted defrag should now be okay, if think logicallywhy would they need copy as yahoo ( Full Answer )

Why do schools not use Linux?

It really depends on the location and the kind of curriculum theschools offer. You would not expect to see Linux machines in aschool that primarily teaches software that only runs on theWindows platform.

How many companies use Linux?

Many, and the number is growing. It gets more and more popular since it's free, secure, efficient, customizable, etc.

How do you use your yahoo avatar?

Log into your yahoo email. Click on your avatar pic. I think you can do this on your messenger as well. edit how you please.

Which programming language used by yahoo?

Probably a multitude of things, just what fits the job. For instance, they can use C++ for their core applications, and Java for the layers around the core.

Who uses Unix and Linux systems?

Anyone who likes a configurable, powerful, scalable, secure and free computer system. IT, Universities, Researchers, Hackers, and home users

What Linux distributions can be used for a server?

Technically. any distribution that has a proper multi-user environment set up could be used as a server. In practice, the distributions most commonly used as servers are: . Red Hat Enterprise Linux . Ubuntu Server . Debian . CentOS . Fedora . Slackware . Gentoo (rarely in production environ ( Full Answer )

Does Linux use the kernel of Unix?

No, it is unix-based but Linux is a kernel not an operating system.Ubuntu,Linux Mint,Debian,and puppy Linux,ect. are OS's that use the Linux kernel.

Do you use Yahoo?

People, like to email and chat. So everybody has one! Its awesome. Its for like webcamming your family, and stuff like that.

How do you get and install Linux Mint while using Linux Ubuntu?

1. download and burn the setup media 2. meanwhile backup your home directory (including the hidden folders) 3. install Linux mint 4. extract the backup to your home folder Further to above: When installing Linux Mint from the CD (iso), the Ubuntu already on the hard-drive will be automatical ( Full Answer )

Can Hotmail be used on Linux?

Hotmail is web-based and is usable on any operating system that can browse the internet.

Where is the Linux operating system used?

Operating systems using Linux are often found on servers, many popular sites' servers run Linux because of its stability and performance. Linux is also used by people wanting to learn how to build a kernel thru example, because Linux is open source, they can. Linux is also used by people who want to ( Full Answer )

How you use getch in ubuntu Linux?

Quote taken from The Unix and Linux Forum: getch() is an ancient DOS syscall from even older versions of Borland Turbo C. Mostly nothing has it these days. Unquote. Search Google with "getch" and have a look through the webpages on the subject. There are no manual (man) pages for getch - I'm usin ( Full Answer )

How can you use in Yahoo Mail?

first you create an account, you will create an account by looking at the upper page look for the sign, sign up, then you click on it fill in what it requests of you then you can now use yahoo mail, you can contact me that wrote this down at ayomid1@hotmail.com , send me any problem you have i wil ( Full Answer )

Can you use anyone's Yahoo Mail?

no. you have to create your own yahoo account. If you know someone's e-mail address and password you can ask them for permission to use their e-mail for something, but you cant just log into a random person's e-mail address. Unless you hack it, which is illegal.

Does Yahoo have used scions for sale?

Yes, they do! They have many used cars listed under their autos section. These don't come directly from them, but rather from their users. You may also want to check out eBay motors.

What is yahoo mobile and what is it used for?

this will allow you to access your emails and im's without being in front of a computer, it can also show you latest news sports and similar things you would find on the internet at home

What are the benefits of using Yahoo hosting?

Yahoo web hosting is competetively priced, with the basic package you have 5 GB with which to design your website and 200GB with which to transfer data to customers, free domain name, and free email.

Can you use somebodies yahoo account?

Using someone else's account without their knowledge and consent is an abuse. It's possible that if you're caught doing so, you can be brought up on criminal and civil charges in court. . Yes. Ideally your own.

What are the terms of use for Yahoo Mail?

There are many terms of use for Yahoo mail. A few of the most important ones are that you may not use Yahoo mail to harm minors, generate spam, or transmit information or media that is harmful. Also you must agree to the TOS before using Yahoo mail.

Why you use Yahoo?

the answer is..why are you using yahoo? its because people need the answers to a question they have asked

What services does Yahoo US provide?

Yahoo in the United States offers a wide variety of services. For example, the company provides its users with access to email, news, finance, sports, movies, and more.

What are the advantages of using Yahoo Mail?

Yahoo Mail can be advantageous since it integrates with other Yahoo products, such as search and Flickr to provide customized and relevant targeted ads.

What is the Yahoo Webmessenger used for?

Yahoo Webmessenger is used to connect with friends via instant messaging. This service allows you to instantly chat with other Yahoo users no matter where they are.

What is the purpose of using yahoo forex?

The main purpose of Yahoo!'s finance section is the currency converter that includes over 80 different currencies to convert to and from. Yahoo! actually does not contain a Forex section.