Why does Zeus only want his family to have power?

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Because he dosent want anyone to have more power then him cause he the king of the gods
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What powers was Zeus said to have?

To kind of tweak the answer under mine, he also wanted to havrelations with Demeter but she denied him. also one of his symbolsis oak. he is also, as every one knows, was the king of gods. thecyclopses that he saved from the stomach of Cronus gave him thethunderbolt that the Titan Gaia had hidden fr ( Full Answer )

What Are Zeus' Power?

He has the power to control the weather and he can throw lightning bolts. Also he has super strength. And he was the ruler of mount olympys. :o)

How did Zeus get his powers?

Here is what i know, zeus was born with no powers at all but did control the skies, from what i learned, in the titan war the gods and titans struggled to win against one another when zeus went into tartarus seeking help from the giants (one hundred handed ones) they said that when they sided with k ( Full Answer )

What are Zeus powers?

his power is to control the sky, the thunder, and the gods orders. his powers are almost the same as Oranos, Zeus's grandfather

What powers did Zeus have?

Zues has the power to control the sky. He is also the ruler of the gods. Zues has the power to control the sky. He is also the ruler of the gods.

What were Zeus' powers?

Zeus had many powers. One is that he could manipulate lightning. He was also the ruler of the gods.

What is zeus' family tree?

Zeus' parents are Cronus and Rhea who are 2 of the Titans. Twelve Titan Gods and Goddesses: Oceanus and Tethys, Hyperion and Theia, Coeus and Phoebe, Cronus and Rhea, Mnemosyne, Themis, Crius, Iapetus Children of Hyperion: Eos, Helios, Selene Daughters of Coeus: Leto and Asteria ( Full Answer )

How did Zeus get his power?

I dont f'ing knowZeus bought his powers online and used them to strike against people. Zeus got his power for taking his place from his father his people gave him the power of the sky and to be god of all gods

What was Zeus' powers?

Zeus' powers include the power over the skies over tornadoes, rain, hail, lightning, and air travel,

Did Hera want to marry Zeus?

Perhaps: when Zeus was in love with Hera in her maidenhood he changed himself into the cuckoo, and she caught it to be her pet [in order to seduce her]. No myth says she did not want to marry Zeus.

Zeus' and Hera's family tree?

Zeus and Hera had Hephaestus, Ares, and the goddess of childbirth Ilityhia.. They were siblings, their father Cronus, mother Rhea..

What was Zeus' power?

Zeus' power was he was the ruler of Mount Olympus and all the land. He had everything he could imagine and more. He didn't need anything else but, he didn't need like a real magical power like for example: (strengths, or transforming, or anything like that)... Zeus was the Ruler of Mount Olympus i ( Full Answer )

Who was in Zeus' family?

As the Father of Gods and men, every man, woman and child, both mortal and immortal, could be said to be in his family. However, for a complete list of his actual consorts and children, see Sources and related links , below.

How did Zeus get his power and why?

kronos ate all his children except the youngest, zues because another titan gave him a rock instead. zues grew up and fed kronos a mixture to make him throw up the other olympians(who are immortal) and zeus chopped kronos into a thousand peices with his own scythe, so they made zues the king of the ( Full Answer )

How did Zeus fit in his family?

he didnt hahahahahahaha bahahaha lameeee He killed his father cronos so he became king ad he married his sister hera

What did Zeus want to see?

Zeuz wanted to see order in mount Olympus and everywhere due to the fact that he was given full supremacy over earth and the sky

What power did Zeus have?

Zeus' power was he was the ruler of Mount Olympus and all the land. He had everything he could imagine and more. He didn't need anything else but, he didn't need like a real magical power like for example: (strengths, or transforming, or anything like that)... Zeus was the Ruler of Mount Olympus i ( Full Answer )

Why Zeus the god of gods is wanted?

Zeus caused bad to the people when he was in charge, making them do things for him they shouldn't have done. For more info visit the Related Link.

Who was Zeus' family?

\nHe was descended from the Titans Cronus and Rhea. He had several siblings, and a few offspring (some with humans).\n. \nI am redirecting this question to the Greek mythology section, where more will be known. He is the son of Cronus and Rhea, and brother of Poseidon and Hades. He has many childr ( Full Answer )

Was Zeus Hera's only husband?

Yes. Since Hera is the goddess of marriage (among other things) she remained faithful/married to Zeus . Even though Zeus was constantly bangin other people

What did Zeus want?

Zeus wanted power so that he could rule all of Mt. Olympus. He told all the mortals down on earth to pray to him, praying to Zeus gave him power. When all the mortals stopped praying to him, all hell broke loose and many lives were lost. .

What is zeus' family history?

Zeus was the youngest child of Cronus and Rhea, the king and queenof the titans. His five older siblings were Hestia, Hades, Demeter,and Poseidon.

How did Zeus Poseidon and Hades get their powers?

Cronus was told by his father Uranus and Mother Earth that one of his own sons would someday over throw him. Cronus then swallowed the first five children that his wife, Rhea, bore him: Hestia, Demeter, Hera, Hades, and Poseidon to stop this from happening. He meant to swallow the next child, Zeus, ( Full Answer )

Why was Zeus the most powerful God?

Zeus was the most powerful god because he defeated his father, the Titan Kronos. He helped his siblings(Hera, Poseidon, Hades, Demeter, and Hestia) out of Kronos' stomach, then became the King of the Gods.

Who are Zeus family members?

Cronus is Zeus's father, while Hera is Cronus's wife which makes her Zeus's mother of course and he has lots of brothers including Hades, so Zeus made Hades the king of the underworld, and Poseidon the god of the sea, those are kinda the most important in his family. You can actually try typing Zeus ( Full Answer )

What are Zeus special abilities and powers?

nice try this is probably a test awnser . many things . to number 1 that's is not an answer u @ss hole and well one thing was that he can shape shift

Is Zeus the powerful god?

Zeus is the chief god in Greek mythology. He is the god of thunder. The "big three" are Poseidon, Hades, and Zeus. Zeus is the chief god so he is also the most powerful god in Greek mythology.

Does Zeus like his family?

They can get rather annoying to him, but I think he does like them. After all, he did save them from their father Kronos.

What are the powers of Zeus the Greek god?

he shoots lightning from da sky! he can control anything in the sky like storms and lightning. he can basically do anything else except the things other gods can do ex. poseidon with water. Zeus cant do anything with it

What did Zeus get his power from?

Zeus got his powers from when the Titans got overcome and all there powers got transferred to the gods but some of the powers the gods have they just came up with and got like Dionysus and wine which he invented but things like hearth witch one of the gods have i don't know how she got it

What is king Zeus' special powers?

Zeus was king of the gods, so he had the power to make them do his bidding. Also, he was Lord of the Skies, so he was the one who made it storm, flood, ect.

Who is more powerful then Zeus?

In Greek mythology There is told to be no more gods with more power of Zeus because of the term "Zeus the God of the Gods" so because of that there is no one in Greek mythology with the power stronger than Zeus But in some ways Poseidon and Zeus in a battle it would be close and if Poseidon Gets Z ( Full Answer )

If there is only Yahweh then what about Zeus Or Ares?

Yahweh is one of the English names for the foremost deity of Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and other similar groups. Zeus and Ares are gods in Greek mythology. Zeus was their most prominent god, the god of sky and thunder. Because the Greeks were polytheistic (believed in more than one god), they ( Full Answer )

Did Zeus abuse his power?

well its mostly zeus dad who abused his power because his dad whould eat his children right after zeus's mom gave birth to them so he didnt have brothers and sisters because his dad ate them all because he new that one of his children would over thrown him. but his wife new he was eating the childre ( Full Answer )

If there is only God then what about Zeus or Ares?

I think you're getting your religions confused. The "One God" is the religion for Christians/Catholics, but Zeus/Ares were the belief long ago Zeus and Ares are Greek gods, and Greeks do not believe in only one god.

What does Zeus usually want?

He wants to see justice done in the world, people living in piety and according to ethical values. He wants mortals to live as best a life as they are able to.

Who was Zeus and what were his powers?

Good question! Zeus was the Greek god of the sky, thunder, and lightning. He was the son of Cronus and is the chief god in the Olympian Council. He can bring thunderstorms, lightning, and weather. All the Olympian gods are somehow related to Zeus. Zeus is by far the most important Greek god.