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Binding throtle linkage or idle control solonoid not working.


With mine it was the IAVC(idle air valve control) on my 94 2.3L Tempo. I got the part used for $10 at junkyard($54 new at Knetch's). On some, the springs stick so you can try spraying it with carb cleaner to loosen them up. Although on mine, the springs moved but you could blow on one end and air came out the other side. On the "new" IAVC part, air wouldn't pass through but fixed the high idle perfectly! Before you take it out, try tapping it with a hammer to see if it temporarily changes the idle any. If so, that is certain to be your culprit for sure! It was mine!

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Q: Why does a '93 Ford Tempo GL suddenly have a high idle?
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Where do you find the idle air control valve in a 1990 ford tempo?

on the intake

What causes fast idle on 1992 Ford Tempo?

!t can be the air flow censer it might be messed up or the rong one usually the rong one will make it idle high.

What can cause 88 Ford F-350 to high idle?

You can adjust the idle.

What can cause 1989 Ford F-250 to idle high?

a vacuum leak can cause high idle

94 ford van 5.7 engine High low idle?

whats the problem for my 94 ford van engine high and low idle

How do you fix a rough idle in a 94 Ford Tempo 2.3l engine automatic in gear break applied?

Check for broken motor mounts.

Why won't a 1987 Ford Tempo stay running even after putting an idle speed control?

check the EGR valve they are known to be faulty

Why does my 1993 Ford Tempo try to stall when it idles?

because everyone elses 1993 ford tempos stall when they idle. learn to drive with one foot on the gas and one on the brake like I do in my '93 tempo. keep the RPM at 1000 and it won't stall out.

How do you fix a high idle speed problem on a 1993 Ford Tempo?

go to autozone for a free diagnostic check & the computer will tell you what is wrong ie map sensor. idel air control . mass airflow sensor

What causes high carbon at idle on smog check 1995 ford ranger 2.3?

ford suck. go Chevy

What would cause a 93 Ford Tempo to suddenly start idling very fast then after replacing the mass airflow sensor and throttle position sensor the problem remains the same?

Try cleaning or replacing the idle air control valve (IAC) located on intake manifold next to EGR valve.

Why does your 91 Ford Bronco 5.8L idle high It will be OK then after driving the idle will stick Sometimes it will kick down but sticks again after driving?

Idle Air Control Motor malfunctioning.

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