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Have the module in the dist checked out. I had the exact same problem for 2 years. And every one had a different reason. Its a bad fuel pump, i promise. Replace the fuel pump and throw on a new fuel filter and it will run great. just make sure you dont buy the cheapest one. I did that and it broke a year later. ive had a new one in for about 4 years now and no more problem. replacing the pump means emptying your gas tank enough to drop the gas tank and remove the top of the tank the pump is right there its a pain in the butt but relatively cheap if you do it yourself. around $60.00 dollars.Good luck

I have a 93 Topaz that had the same issue, and it was an easy fix - the solenoid needed to be replaced. If the problem is the solenoid, the problem may get worse so that the car won't even start when it's cooled down.

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Why ford mercury topaz turns over but wont start and has no spark?

What year? check the ignition module. see manual

Why is there no power steering in my mercury villager at start up in cold weather?

There is no power steering in a Mercury Villager at start up in cold weather due to a failing pump or low fluid. Fluid becomes much thicker in cold weather and is much harder to pump.

Why won't your 1994 Mercury Topaz start no matter what gear it is in?

mabe its your clutch activation sensor that isn't working it happend on 2 of my cars

What are makes and models that start with t?

Taurus (Ford), Thunderbird (Ford), Topaz (Mercury), Town Car (Lincoln) and Trans Am (Pontiac) are cars. They begin with the letter T.

How do you take a transmission ouut of a mercury topaz?

You have to strip the side where the trans. is. ( Wheel, hub, etc. )Pull out the axel's, and start to un-bolt the trans. If you are not equipped, then its not an easy job.

Does the weather on Earth have anything to do with the planet Mercury?

The short answer is yes.That is because everything in the Universe affects everything else in the Universe, although almost always unmeasurably. So the general, theoretical answer to "Does A have anything to do with B?" is always yes, no matter what A and B are.Practically speaking, though, the influence from Mercury on the weather on Earth is extremely, extremely small, and it would never be taken into account in the weather forecast calculations.According to chaos theory, though, a butterfly in Asia could start a hurricane in America. So, in theory, the extremely small gravitational pull from Mercury, or even the very faint light reflecting from Mercury, could in some clever way cause something similar to happen. But it would definitely be completely unmeasurable and could never be determined to come from Mercury.Another theoretical example on how Mercury could affect the weather on Earth is if a person started believing that planet Mercury was his or her God and started bowing in the direction of it. That bowing could, again according to chaos theory, start a hurricane, just as the butterfly's wings could. And the direction of the bowing could determine whether the hurricane started or not. Therefore, the position of Mercury could start a hurricane on Earth. Of course this is all theory, and again, it could never be determined that Mercury had anything at all to do with the start of the hurricane.

How do you replace alternator in 1987 Mercury Topaz?

On the '87, it is a simple job. Have the correct wrench's and ratchet socket size's on hand. The Alt. is right on top, just start un-bolting.

Why would the engine start cutting out a 1989 mercury topaz?

If everything else is good, like the fuel pressure ( sometimes the fuel pump in the tank stops ) wires. plugs etc. then the thing to look at is the Ign. module. It is on the distributor. "89's had that problem. You will have to pull the dist. to change the module. Not too expensive. The car will run fine then just stall. It will start again and run for a while till it happens again.

How do you clean white topaz?

An old toothbrush, soap, and running water is a good start, but beware that topaz is heat sensitive.

Location of ignition fuse mercury topaz 1992?

Not quite sure what you are looking for? Do you mean ign. module? Like you have no spark? yes no spark or very little.....car motor turns but will not start

Why won't my 1993 Mercury Topaz start despite new battery and old but good alternator?

If you mean will crank, but no fire, then check for spark and fuel. If you mean will not crank, then check the wiring and the starter.

What name of a car start with t?

Toyota · T-Bird (Ford Thunderbird) · Taurus (Ford) · Terraza (Buick) · Thunderbird (Ford) · Topaz (Mercury) · Tracer (Mercury) · Torino (Ford) · Toronado (Oldsmobile) · Town Car (Lincoln) · Toyota · Trans Am (Pontiac) · Triumph

Are there any cars that start with the letter T?

· T-Bird (Ford Thunderbird) · Taurus (Ford) · Terraza (Buick) · Thunderbird (Ford) · Topaz (Mercury) · Tracer (Mercury) · Torino (Ford) · Toronado (Oldsmobile) · Town Car (Lincoln) · Toyota · Trans Am (Pontiac) · Triumph

What words start with t and have z in them?

· topaz · trapeze · tweezers

Changed the solinod on a 88 mercury topaz but still won't start unless you jump start it at the solinod?

First check all the wire contacts and if that is not the problem, then check the ign. switch where the key goes. Might have to replace that. Check with Ford for the replacement.

Are there any car names that start with the letter t?

· T-Bird (Ford Thunderbird) · Taurus (Ford) · Terraza (Buick) · Thunderbird (Ford) · Topaz (Mercury) · Tracer (Mercury) · Torino (Ford) · Toronado (Oldsmobile) · Town Car (Lincoln) · Toyota · Trans Am (Pontiac) · Triumph

Why would the engine start cutting out once you reach highway speed in a 86 mercury topaz?

If it is not fuel or spark, meaning loss of ign. spark, or fuel pump problems, then check the ign. module on the dist.

Mercury Topaz 1991 will start in rainy weather but stops after a few blocks in wet weather What might be the problem?

I can think of a couple possibilities: The distributor may have a crack that is allowing moisture in and causes the spark to jump to ground. You may have a crack in the high voltage wire that goes from the coil to the distributor or your carburater de-icer pickup may not be in place and when the temperature is cool and humid you could be building up an ice ball around the fuel inlet.

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