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It's probably the motor but needs to be checked out. I am certainly not an expert on these things but... I own a 2000 Lasabre that has been a good car but....the windows go bad. Both back windows stopped working and fell down. Luckily I had a neighbor who was good at fixing such things so we removed the door panel off and found that the cable the moved the window up and down was tracking poorly fraying it to the point it was off the track and broken. Rather than buy parts, and since it was the rear windows which came down only part way we reround the cable, put it back in, put the window in the up position and disconnected the motor. All has been fine since. Yesterday the passenger side front window dropped and won't come today I am trying to get the door panel off and see if the cable on this window has also gone bad. Getting the panel off has been a challange. My take on the Lasabre windows....they are crap....the car has been great but it's automatic windows leave something to be desired. This problem is caused by a broken "up" cable on the window regulator. This regulator operates the window using a cable to pull the window up and a different cable to pull the window down. It is usually the "up" cable that breaks. This problem is REALLY bad in 2000 lesabre cars. The designer of the window regulator has the "up" cable attached to nothing more than a plastic piece. This piece will break sometimes with little or no good reason. (ie bump in the road, raising the window, etc.) Buick will not claim any responsibility for these regulators unless REALLY pressed but the fact is that they had/have a bunch of these go bad. R.Hand

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Q: Why does a '95 Buick Lesabre's power window fail to work but occasionally will go in the down direction?
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