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the v6 2.9 litre Ford motors cam,e with aluminum heads and after a few years of wear and tear and constant heat they tend to expand and contract until the warp or crack and no longer seal well causing them to leak or blow the motor.

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โˆ™ 2004-07-25 04:08:16
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Q: Why does a 1990 Bronco II 2.9 2WD leak coolant just above and left of the thermostat or top radiator hose where a white plug attaches to the engine?
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Where is the thermostat located in a 1989 ford bronco xlt?

Follow the top radiator hose from the radiator , where it connects to the engine is where the engine thermostat is located

How do you replace the thermostat located on a 1989 Ford Bronco II XL?

Drain coolant. Remove upper radiator hose. unbolt 3 bolts on thermostat housing. take out old one. reverse to install.

How do you replace the thermostat in a 1991 ford bronco with a 5.8 windsor?

Should be located in a removable housing at the engine end of the upper radiator hose Drain about 1 gallon of coolant from the radiator Remove this housing Note how thermostat is installed Clean both surfaces Replace thermostat and gasket Re-install housing Re-fill coolant slowly to prevent an air lock Start engine and look for leaks Run engine to normal operating temperature with heater on Re-check coolant level

1993 bronco runs hot?

possible clogged radiator or thermostat not opening all the way hope this helps

How do you replace the thermostat located on a 1985 Ford Bronco II what side of the thermostat go?

how to replace a thermostat on a bronco 198511

Where is the heater thermostat located on a 1989 Ford Bronco 2?

The thermostat is located in the water neck where the top radiator hose goes on. Its mounted in an O-ring, just pop it out with a screwdriver and replace it.

How much coolant goes into a ford bronco?

fill up the radiator and then fill up the over flow located on the pass. side of the truck half way

Why is your bronco over heating?

check your thermostat

Where is the thermostat located on a 1987 Ford Bronco 302?


How do you test the water pump on a 1990 ford bronco?

With the engine warmed up so the thermostat is open , squeeze the top radiator hose and then release it , as you are releasing it you should feel a surge of coolant going through the hose if the water pump is working ( carefull - watch the moving belts , fan etc - its nice to have fingers )

What are the steps to changing a thermostat in a 1993 Bronco?

drain the coolant, remove the two plastic intake tubes from the throttle body an air cleaner box an then remove the top radiator hose then remove the thermostat housing(2 bolts) remove the thermostat an clean the housing both parts (where the two parts of the housing meet) make sure u get the old gasket off an both surfaces are clean an dry an then reassemble with new gasket an thermostat (the spring side goes in towards the block) put the hose back on ( this would be the time to replace the hose clamps there cheap) then put the two intake hoses back on the TB an the air cleaner box an the fill radiator. : )

How do you replace water pump on a 1995 ford bronco?

A water pump is not really a water pump. It carries the fluid, antifreeze/coolant, from the the reservoir to the radiator/engine to keep it cool. It is now referred to as a "fluid pump"

What is the oem thermostat temperature on a 1991 ford bronco?

( 192 ) degrees Fahrenheit for all the factory available engines in a 1991 Ford Bronco ( according to )

Where is the thermostat for a 1988 ford bronco with a 5.7 engine?

Ford doesnt have a 5.7l. On a 5.8 it is behind the thermostat housing at the front edge of the lower intake.

How do you replace the water pump on a Ford Bronco?

depending on what year and what engine you will need to remove the fan and fan shroud the lower radiator hose the coolant bypass hose and in some cases the power steerig bracket. not that hard to do if you have some car knowledge

What kind of fluid goes in a 96 ford bronco radiator?

A 1996 Ford Bronco came from the factory with a 50 / 50 mix of distilled water and GREEN color antifreeze ( meeting Ford specification ESE-M97B44-A ) in the engine cooling system * THAT includes the radiator

How do you change the thermostat on 1989 ford Bronco Eddie Bauer full size?

The top radiator hose feeds into a round metal thing on top of the engine. Drain the radiator, take off the top hose by removing the hose clamps, inspect the hose for damage and cracks, the round metal thing (thermostat housing) can be taken off by removing the two bolts that hold it in. take out the old thermostat and replace it with the new one. It may have a rubber gasket so double check. Put it all back together and refill the radiator with 50/50 antifreeze and water. Run it til the level drops and top it off again. Check for leaks.

After changing out the radiator cap thermostat radiator hoses and cleaning the cooling system what could be the reason for a Ford bronco II to overheat?

Remove trapped air from the systemI had the same problem on my 1988 2.9L Bronco II. It seems that there was air in the cooling system somewhere! I paid a fellow in Chattanooga, TN $48 to bleed the system and the problem was resolved. That was three months ago and the fix has stuck. His solution also allowed the heater to generate hot air again, which was a good thing as it gets downright chilly here in eastern Tennessee during the winter. How air gets trapped in the system is beyond me, but there you are. Hope this helps.i think how you get air bubbles in your radiator is putting the fluid in too fast. if you poor it in slow that should fix the problem if it is just air bubbles.could be something as easy as retiming your trucki had this happen to me on a 85 bronco you have to burp the system by raising the front up as high as you can or if you put the flush and fill kit on the heater hose you can put the coolant in there and that solved the problem for me

Where is the reverse sensor located on a 1981 ford bronco 351?

on the left side of the automatic transmission, where the shift lever attaches. "D" shaped, with 2 wires.

Where is the horn located on a full size 1990 ford bronco EB?

Under the radiator overflow and washer fluid reservoirs.

How do you find out if my 91 bronco engine is a windsor or Cleveland?

If I remember correctly the 351 Windsor has a vertically mounted thermostat that is mounted in the end of the intake manifold The 351 Cleveland thermostat is mounted horizontally in the engine block by the distributor

Why does my 1988 ford bronco II run fine til warm then sputter and smoke black until I gun it?

Sounds like you have a bad coolant temperature sensor. Its the sensor on the passenger side of the lower intake manifold by the thermostat. You may want to check your antifreeze level if mine gets to low it does the same thing

What Direction does the thermostat go on a 76 Ford bronco with the 302 in.ยณ engine?

I'm not sure what you mean by direction? The thermostat goes in with the spring side in the housing with the metal cross bar horizontally positioned.

I have a 1990 ford bronco II-4x4 trans with two coolant fittings on it one on top and one on bottom. which one will connect to the top radiator fitting and which one connects to the bottom fitting?

It doesn't really matter which is connected where,but I would connect the suction side to the lower connection on the radiator. roll the motor over a little and see which line is spitting out fluid and then connect that one to the upper side.

How do you remove the bottom bolt to replace the thermostat on a 1989 Ford Bronco?

You may need a universal joint if you are unable to get a socket straight on it due to the belts/fan.