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Why does a 1992 Olds Ninety-eight stall after it has been driven awhile?


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have your oxygen sensor checked or replaced. we had the same issue on ours and replacing the o2 sensor fixed the problem


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It is inside the engine, driven by the timing belt.

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could possibly be the torque convertor. wiil it go if you give it some gas going from neutral to reverse or does it still stall ? check shift linkage for pinching a wire when shifted , good luck !

The cam on this engine is driven by a CHAIN and not a belt. Therefore, It has no timing belt.

Worn or glazed belt? Loose belt? Worn bearing on belt driven accessory?

O2 sensor, if you have replaced it already, pull it out and make sure it hasn't burned it again. Jeeps can be notorious with these O2 sensors.

It is driven by the distributor, and is located right behind the timing cover on the RH side of the engine.

It's a belt driven accessory. Just look for one of those with (2) ac lines on the back.

it'll run very badly in cold weather, and may stall due to excess fuel in warm weather

It is your Idle Airflow Censor. It is located behind your air intake manifold by two screws. Take it out and clean it off and it will fix your problem.

Does it shake and stall when decellerating or at anytime? because mine seems to do that but its only when decellerating at a stop light or stop sign or whever and it dont always do it.. only after long drives. (1992 Pontiac Sunbird). It might be a bad EGR Valve.

Your fuel filter is probably clogged up. Fuel filters are inexpensive and you should replace it to see if your problem is solved.

crank or camshaft sensor check for codes put your beauiful car on the neutral when you're braking you'll stop to stall

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I've had my '97 Plymouth Voyager stall going into gear (from park) when the transmission fluid was really low (down more than a quart). I've also had that same van stall when an O-ring in the distributer got bungled up, presumably from spraying the engine with a pressurized hose. Oops :) The distributor problem was very hard to diagnose.

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