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Always go back to the basics: Fuel, ignition and compression. If the vehicle doesn't have any one of the three, it won't start. In your case you also have an onboard computer. Use the built in diagnostics to find out if the computer is reporting any problems. Try buying, renting or borrowing an OBDII code scanner. It will report any stored codes and give you a good idea what's wrong. Fuel - Try a little starter fluid down the intake. Crank it while spraying a litle into the intake and see if it will run briefly. If so, the problem is fuel delivery; check fuel pump, fuel filter. Ignition - pull one of the sparkplug wires, connect it to a sparkplug and lay the plug on the engine, somewhere with some solid metal. Crank the engine and watch the plug. If you see a good strong spark, the ignition is ok. If there is no spark, find out why. Compression - If the timing belt or chain (whatever your vehicle has) has slipped you won't have compression and the engine won't start. Figuring out what's wrong is the hardest part of getting an engine to run. Usually you will find that replacing the offending part is quite simple. Seriously, try the OBDII (On Board Diagnostics Rev 2) code scanner before you waste any more time and money. Don't replace parts in an attempt to troubleshoot the problem. That often just makes it worse.

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Q: Why does a 2001 focus turns over but doesn't start and jump starting doesn't work?
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