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Why does a 92 Nissan Pathfinder transmission slip when going into overdrive?

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What are the signs a transmission is going out on a Nissan 240SX?


No overdrive on a 1990 Lincoln town car.?

why does the 1991 Lincoln towncars transmission not have overdrive?Instead of going into overdrive it seems to go into neutral.But if you take it out of overdrive and leave it in drive it never goes into neutral while I'm driving.

Why won't a 1998 Isuzu Rodeo transmission shift from third to overdrive?

Could be low fluid,a bad sensor or transmission going bad.

Meaning of overdrive?

There are many possible meanings to the word overdrive. Many people use the word overdrive to mean going beyond normal. As far as automotive terms go, overdrive simply means that the transmission output shaft spins at a faster rate than the input shaft. So, for example, if a transmission had a .70 overdrive ratio, then the transmission output would spin one full turn for every .70 turns of the input shaft.

Why is 1994 GMC truck not going into overdrive?

if their is no slipping or any other transmission issues and it is just only the loss of overdrive try replacing the brake light switch

What are the uses of overdrive and when should it be used?

Overdrive is for highway driving, which is great for gas mileage. Also, not to use overdrive when going up or down hills because it makes your transmission work harder. That's what I was told anyways.

Why does going up hill make my expedition shudder when in overdrive?

The transmission is on its way out.You could drive the vehicle with the overdrive function turned off to buy some time.

When to turn off overdrive in your car?

The overdrive should be switched off when you want to avoid unneccessary shifting. If you are driving on a hilly road, the vehicle will shift out of overdrive going uphill to maintain speed while pulling the vehicles weight up the hill, and shift into overdrive going down the hill to save fuel when additional engine power is not needed. When towing with an automatic transmission, the vehicle may tend to repeatedly shift in and out of overdrive due to the added weight. In scenerios such as these, you should turn off the overdrive to avoid the unneccesary shifting which puts more wear and tear on the transmission.

What could be keeping a 1990 Volvo 240 series from going into overdrive?

Overdrive relay switch behind the middle air vents..... Manual Transmission: the wires sometimes break if it is the type with the button on the gear/knob/ stick........... if it is a manual transmission.......the switch on the gearbox which tells when 4th gear is engaged can be faulty.....and will not allow the overdrive to engaged.

What would cause a Chevy automatic transmission not to shift into overdrive every time?

Answeri had the same problem of transmission not going into overdrive.i changed my thermostat and it works fine now.give it a try .

Should you drive with overdrive on or off in city?

Overdrive is the normally allowed position ( unless you are going fast enough it won't shift into overdrive anyway , mine happens to shift into overdrive approximately 50 miles per hour / 80 kilometers per hour with my four speed automatic transmission if I'm cruising )

What would cause rpm to drop occasionally to make it seem as if it were going to stall while sitting at a light in a 2001 Nissan pathfinder?

mass air flow sensor

Where is PO 345 bank 2 camshaft sensor located on a 05 Nissan Pathfinder?

on the back of the drivers side head. it has an ign, gnd, and data wire going to it

What do you drive Lincoln Navigator overdrive off or on?

Overdrive is the normally allowed position . It won't shift into overdrive until the speed is fast enough anyway , but if you are going up and down hills and the transmission keeps downshifting you might as well turn the overdrive feature off until you are out of the hills Just adding to the answer : Also if you are towing something you want to shut off the overdrive

How do you use overdrive button in Ford Explorer 2000?

If you don't want the transmission to shift into overdrive ( such as when towing a trailer , or driving in hilly country where the transmission is constantly shifting between drive and overdrive ) push the button on the end of the gearsfift selector ( P R N etcetera ) and the O/D OFF light will appear in your dash . Overdrive is the normally allowed position , but on my 1995 Ford Explorer doesn't shift into overdrive until I'm going around 50 Miles Per Hour

Car wont shift into overdrive?

This can be caused by anything from a bad sensor to transmission going bad. A transmission mechanic can check for engine codes and other tests to verify if it is a simple fix or major repair.

Why might a 2000 Ford Focus manual transmission not accelerate when the gas pedal is pressed even though the engine revs up?

AnswerThe clutch is worn out or needs adjustment.Or, you are just not utilizing the button under the shifter knob, that releases the transmission out of overdrive. You will find that the transmission will keep up with the RPM's if it is not in overdrive.EDIT: There is no overdrive button for a manual tranny, that's what the 5th gear is for. If the RPMS are going up and the speed isn't, it's time to have your clutch examined.

1995 Nissan pathfinder it has a trans leak and does not go into reverse what do you do and could i get it fixed easy?

trannies are tricky and should be handled by the transmission pro's..... but your problems of it not going into reverse might be from the low fluid levels.... it may be a minor repair right now but don't leave it too long before the pro's get to see it....

What causes the overdrive light to flash when going over 75 mph on a Ford Windstar SE?

on our van it was the vechicle variable speed sensor. On mine it was the 1st sign of Transmission going out and $3000 repair

How do you test overdrive switch 1997 ford f350 inoperativeno light and no overdrive at present?

take it to parts America have them read the codes that's begining signs of a vss vehicle speed sensor going , or tr sensor transmission range sensor

Is it bad on a 2004 ford expedition Eddie Bauer transmission to keep it in overdrive?

The only reason not to leave it in overdrive would be if you are towing and going uphill. The car's computer will tell the transmission when to shift safely, but when under a very heavy load it may shift a lot. I usually only take overdrive off when I am towing going up hills where the grade changes frequently. If you are unsure, then it is better to keep it in overdrive all of the time and let the computer do the calculating. Fords actually have a pretty good system in place to remember how you drive so the computer will make the ride most comfortable.

Were fuel pressure regulator located on 98 Nissan Pathfinder?

On fuel rail under intake plenum almost in center of engine if you reach behind plenum you can feel the vacuum hose going to it

Why my 88 Lincoln Town Car 5.0 go to 40 mph then want pull rpm goes up?

Sounds like a transmission problem when going into overdrive.

Should you leave the over drive on all the time 1994 Nissan Pathfiner?

Yes!! unless you want lower gas mileage, and excessive wear on your engine and transmission..only take the Overdrive off if you are in a low traction situation...snow, ice, of off road terrain. Im the same person who left the answer to "programming keyless remotes on a '94 pathfinder" not registering for this damned page but i will be of any help i can to fellow Nissan "Pathy" owners..e-mail me at if you happen to be a hot chick definatly e-mail about your pathfinder It is a good idea to turn it off while towing ,, any automatic i drive with o/d seems to get MUCH better gas milage when just in drive if you're on back roads or going up hills. Maily because you don't have to put your foot into the pedal more to get it to kick out of overdrive once you already started losing speed going up a hill. i was getting 20mpg on an 87 IROC with 350 and auto tranny because of this method.

Do you need overdrive at city driving?

Overdrive is the normally allowed position , but unless you are going fast enough it will not shift into overdrive because it acts as the " top " gear ( on my Explorer I have to be going 50 miles per hour / 80 kilometers per hour before it shifts into overdrive )