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Q: Why does a 92 Nissan Pathfinder transmission slip when going into overdrive?
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What are the signs a transmission is going out on a Nissan 240SX?


No overdrive on a 1990 Lincoln town car.?

why does the 1991 Lincoln towncars transmission not have overdrive?Instead of going into overdrive it seems to go into neutral.But if you take it out of overdrive and leave it in drive it never goes into neutral while I'm driving.

Why won't a 1998 Isuzu Rodeo transmission shift from third to overdrive?

Could be low fluid,a bad sensor or transmission going bad.

Why is 1994 GMC truck not going into overdrive?

if their is no slipping or any other transmission issues and it is just only the loss of overdrive try replacing the brake light switch

What are the uses of overdrive and when should it be used?

Overdrive is for highway driving, which is great for gas mileage. Also, not to use overdrive when going up or down hills because it makes your transmission work harder. That's what I was told anyways.

Why does going up hill make my expedition shudder when in overdrive?

The transmission is on its way out.You could drive the vehicle with the overdrive function turned off to buy some time.

How much is a used Nissan Pathfinder?

"A used Nissan Pathfinder's price will vary on some factors. Price fluctuates depending on mileage on the vehicle, year it was made, upgrades found on the vehicle, and the vehicles condition. You can find decent measures of the price of a used Nissan Pathfinders by going to a dealership and getting an assessment, or going to auto sites that calculate all the factors for you and give you a price according to Bluebook/trade in/and buyout-sellout prices."

What could be keeping a 1990 Volvo 240 series from going into overdrive?

Overdrive relay switch behind the middle air vents..... Manual Transmission: the wires sometimes break if it is the type with the button on the gear/knob/ stick........... if it is a manual transmission.......the switch on the gearbox which tells when 4th gear is engaged can be faulty.....and will not allow the overdrive to engaged.

When to turn off overdrive in your car?

The overdrive should be switched off when you want to avoid unneccessary shifting. If you are driving on a hilly road, the vehicle will shift out of overdrive going uphill to maintain speed while pulling the vehicles weight up the hill, and shift into overdrive going down the hill to save fuel when additional engine power is not needed. When towing with an automatic transmission, the vehicle may tend to repeatedly shift in and out of overdrive due to the added weight. In scenerios such as these, you should turn off the overdrive to avoid the unneccesary shifting which puts more wear and tear on the transmission.

What would cause a Chevy automatic transmission not to shift into overdrive every time?

Answeri had the same problem of transmission not going into overdrive.i changed my thermostat and it works fine now.give it a try .

Where is PO 345 bank 2 camshaft sensor located on a 05 Nissan Pathfinder?

on the back of the drivers side head. it has an ign, gnd, and data wire going to it

What would cause rpm to drop occasionally to make it seem as if it were going to stall while sitting at a light in a 2001 Nissan pathfinder?

mass air flow sensor

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