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Why does a 92 Saturn SC2 stutters in gear when idling but not when moving or in park and neutral?

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βˆ™ 2006-07-16 11:10:49

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tune-up up on basic diagnosis and engine tuning in a manual... also, try a can of injector cleaner in the tank, and listen for hissing vacuum leaks while the engine is running(under the hood)/// read up on all of this... everyone should have a manual for their vehicle, and the library should have a professional shop manual available in the REFERENCE section...make copies of the right sections...good luck :)

2006-07-16 11:10:49
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What does No Idling mean?

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Does the gas still run with the car on neutral?

Yes. When an automobile's transmission is in neutral, gasoline is still being pumped from the vehicle's tank to the engine. Usually cars are put in neutral while not moving, in which case the term "idling" would be used to describe the engine's activity. When idling, the energy created from the internal combustion engine is converted into electricity via the alternator to power accessories like air conditioning pumps and fans.

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What does that mean when the car is moving and you dont press on the gas?

Idling too high?

Why does car heat up when idling and cool down when moving?

It is more than likely a thermostat

Idle high to low when not moving?

If your vehicle is idling high to low when its not moving, chances are you have an issue with the transmission. It may need to be replaced fully or simply fixed.

Does a bad CV joint make a noise when car in neutral?

Yes it does if the car is moving. Because the CV joint is part of the axil if the car is moving the bad CV joint will be moving too. or No it will not make noise if the car is in neutral and the car is not moving.

Why does a Saturn shimmy while moving?

have you checked the shock absorbers?

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Can a 1970 Chevelle be put in neutral by messing with the trans?

Sure. Disconnect the shifter linkage/cable and set it to neutral by moving the shift lever to neutral by hand.

Is it bad to put your car in neutral if you are about to run out of gas?

yes ,because when moving in neutral u are not properly lubricationg your transmission

Why will your 1999 Saturn not start but the ignition runs all the accessories this happens about every two weeks works fine the rest of the time?

If you're saying the starter won't engage occaisonally, try moving the shifter lever between park and neutral, then back to park. If that makes it start, you probably have a neutral lockout switch that is adjusted wrong.

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If everything seems to be working on a 1990 240 sx why won't it turn over?

maybe neutral safety switch is bad try moving shifter put in neutral

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Why does a car blow cool air while idling?

Blowing cool air while idling & the water pump is not moving very fast is a key indicator of low engine coolant levels. Add some anti-freeze/water and likely you'll have warm air all the time.

Can you add miles to your car by idling?

You can add engine wear but the reading on the odometer will not change since the sensor for the odometer is located at the output end of the transmission or transaxle, and therefore only gives a reading when the vehicle is moving (or when the wheels are spinning, if you are on ice or up on a hoist). So, no, you will not add mileage by idling.

Why does your car overheat when idling what is the problem?

try checking your cooloing fan. make sure it is running There is no air getting to your radiator as you are not moving! Or there is a problem elsewhere in your cooling system!

Why does your radio only work in park or neutral?

The radio waves don't follow the car when it is moving fast.

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Why does your car make this whirrring sound?

Without hearing it, it is hard to say. When does it occur, does it vary in pitch or volume, while idling or only when moving. More information is always helpful.