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I had this same thing happen to me with my 93 explorer. I was taking my front tires off to do a brake change and when i removed the driver side lug cover 3 of the five lug studs fell on the ground..They were completely rusted out...They had been making noise for a while...The wheel may have had only another day or two before it fell off. So if anything at least take a look at it... == == == == have a tire shop do a road force balance when they balance your tires. if they don't have the machine to do it, find a shop that does. try and have the tires cross rotated (if they are not directional) you might want to inspect your drive shaft. makes sure it is balanced correctly and the universal joints are good.

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โˆ™ 2008-03-10 22:11:47
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Q: Why does a 93 explorer vibrate very hard at high speed when it does not need a tire balance and at low speeds it tends to make you wobble inside and thought something was loose underneath they said no?
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