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Why does a 95 Mazda Millenia shut off when put in gear?

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2011-09-13 23:43:25
2011-09-13 23:43:25

Perhaps the transmission/torque converter is engaged and preventing the motor from spinning. B Clear.

AnswerI had same problem, It was the ignition module. car ran fine in neutral,as soon as i put car in gear it would stall. AnswerI would check the neutral safety switch on the top of the transmission. It costs around 100 dollars so be sure that's what it is before buying one. I would try to get a used one if possible. The switch doesn't allow the car to crank in gear. If the switch is bad it could work in reverse......ITS A LONG SHOT.....BUT COULD BE A PART OF THE PROBLEM.....

John ReidHattiesburg Mississippi

AnswerI am having the same intermittent problem. My mechanic cleaned and lubricated the idle motor to prevent it from sticking. So far, this seems to have corrected the problem.

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what type of gear pulley to use to take off oil pump on 1996 Mazda mellinia?

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If the car will go into second gear and take off, then there might be a bad syncro gear or bend shifter fork. The transmission may need to be taken out and inspected to find the problem.

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No, you are better off with a Honda.

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On the shift console of an automatic Mazda millenia there is a small plastic cover to a hole near the gear shift lever. If you pull the tab off you can stick a screw driver (slim) into the hole and release the shift into neutral - any tow truck operator can show you how incase you have trouble.

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