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Why does a Chevy Suburban cuts off when you come to a stop?

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The #1 problem with these vehicles is a weak fuel pump; yours may be starting to fail. Have it tested.

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Where can I buy a chevy suburban?

My first stop would be the dealership. If you do not want to do that you could go to to check out the Chevy Suburban. They would have all the info you need to make your decision.

On my 2003 Chevy suburban the wiper blades don't stop when you turn off the switch?

On my 2003 Chevy suburban the wiper blades don't stop when you turn off the switch sometimes, i would appreciate any help at all

What would stop your injector from firing on a 92 Chevy Suburban?

Ignition module in the distributor.

When did Chevy stop putting a diesel engine in the suburban?

The year 1995 was the final year Chevy offered a diesel engine in the SurburbanThis is not true i have a 1999 2500 Chevy suburban diesel engine and believe that was the last year they offered it.

Your 92 Chevy lumina car cuts off whenever you come to a stop starts right up but cuts off the next time you come to a stop?

I had this happen in my 1997 Pontiac Sunfire. It did this for about 3 days while ranmdom lights lit up on my dashboard. It turned out it was my alternator and my battery. My stereo was draining all the power. Hope this helps.

What year did Chevy suburban stop making carburetor?

Around 1987, the they switched to tbi [Throttle body injection]

How do you change a fuel filter on 1999 Chevy Suburban?

Stop by your local auto parts store and see if they have a repair manula for your chevy. Buy it and it should be in there and you will have it for future use.

What could cause Brake lights to stop working on 1995 Chevy Suburban?

burned out bulb, blown fuse, wiring

How do you replace bulb on high mount stop light on 2004 Chevy suburban?

if it is an LED unit you cant you have to change the assembly as a unit

Why would the alarm of a 1999 Chevy Suburban suddenly come on by itself and not shut off and is there a fuse that could be pulled to make it stop?

It may be a low battery on your remote or even your vehicle. Well at least the some of the reasons.

What is code P1574 on 2002 Chevy Suburban?

Trouble code P1574 means: EBTCM System/Stop Lamp Circuit Voltage High

How do you stop a 1988 Chevy Celebrity from dying when you stop and are going down the road?

In my Celbrity I know that when I'm low on gas the engine cuts out when turning sharp or stopping quick. I believe the valve for the gas is in the back of the tank so whenever momentum forces the gas forward (i.e. when you stop quick or are facing down hill) the engine cuts out.

Why 1985 Chevy c10 cuts out in drive at low speed?

hen u are driving in a low spped in a 1985 Chevy the engine trys to run at full power when u are driving at low speed the engine needs to stop to rest to stop u blowing th eengine

Chevy Suburban daytime running lights not on?

Turn your headlamp switch counter-clockwise from off until it clicks, then comes back to off position. This turns the DRL on and off. Remember, you won't see them come on unless the car is in gear. You can check this at a stop light with the reflection from the back of the car stopped in front of you.

2002 Lincoln ls engine kills once in a while when you come to a stoplight?

either don't stop at stoplights, or get yourself a Chevy

Why does your 01 Chevy silv v6 2wd skips when you come to a stop and when you take off?

Need to check plugs and plug wires.

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Why would a 2000 intrepid engine light come on and it feels like the transmission jerks and it cuts off at a stop light It only has 89000 miles?

replace your camshaft sensor

Why does my 97 Chevy pickup idle high when i come to a stop i have to hold the brake hard till the idle drops?

check for vaccum leaks

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What is the fuel mileage on a 1989 Chevy suburban with 454 TBI?

I have an '89 350 Suburban and get bout 15 MPG. Actually, it uses about 4 gallons an hour, pretty much no matter what I'm doing. Going 70 down the road or doing 30 in town at stop and go. Obviously, I use fewer gallons per hour at idle.

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