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Many Chinese believed the dragon held, or at least chased, the sun, and many drawings depict this as a flaming red ball. Over the years, this sun changed color from red to a silvery-pearl color, and gradually the ball came to be considered a flaming pearl, known as the night shining pearl.

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Q: Why does a Chinese dragon have a flaming pearl?
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Why did the Chinese worship the dragon?

Ancient chinese dragons were to do with astrology and chinese understanding of the elements. Chinese believed that flaming trials of comets were dragons and there are four chinese elements and the dragon represents one of them. Also in chinese legend the dragon was part of the race that took place to decide the greatest animal, hence the 'year of the dragon'.

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What is the most deadly animal in the coniferous forest?

The flaming fire dragon.

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Why does Chinese dragon have ball in mouth?

It's a pearl and it helps them fly and makes them have magic powers

What do Chinese dragons symbolize for the Chinese?

The Chinese dragon usually symbolize wisdom, power and good luck in Chinese culture. They are regard as caring and kind protecting the innocent from evil spirits. Chinese dragons are often depict with a flaming pearl which gives them power over the rain, rivers, lakes, and sea allowing them to rise into heaven. In ancient times, dragons represent the Emperor, which is why you see the emblem on their clothes, called 龙袍 lóng páo --> dragon robe / emperor's court dress ( 龍袍 - traditional Chinese).

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It helps the dragon fly since it doesn't have wings. Also, IT's mane pumps air in and out which also helps it fly!

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What actors and actresses appeared in The Flaming Arrows - 1911?

The cast of The Flaming Arrows - 1911 includes: Pearl White

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Why is the Chinese dragon celebrated?

The Chinese dragon is called the T'ien Lung and is extremely powerful. It is said to guard the palace of the gods and heaven in mythology. I has the power to control lightning and thunder and all of it's power comes from a pearl.

Where is the crossbow to knight of the dragon?

right across the bridge on the wall get it and go up to a flaming barrel for the flaming crossbow